Welcoming New Zealand to the Techfugees Community!

We could not wish for a better start of the year! Today, we are opening a new chapter in New Zealand which will be joining the global Techfugees Family of chapters. We are thrilled to be introducing Rochelle & Jude as co-chapter leads 🎊

Please, join us to greet them warmly and learn more about their vision and ambitions as part of the Techfugees Global community through their *first and exclusive* interview 😉


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Could you please introduce yourself and your team to the Techfugees community? 

We’re two passionate Kiwis (that’s what people from New Zealand call ourselves) who are excited about how technology can help resettlement here in New Zealand and around the world. We know there’s innovative thinking and solutions here in our country which are yet to emerge and we want to help make that happen.

How did you hear about Techfugees? 

Rochelle was running a refugee umbrella organisation here in Wellington and looking for innovative initiatives overseas and voila, a quick Google search found techfugees.com. From there, she kept track of Techfugees and in 2018 an opportunity came up to work together with Jude to launch the NZ Chapter.

Which are the displaced people’s main needs in your country?

The biggest need for people resettling in NZ is suitable employment. It’s more than just any job and financial returns. It’s independence and a sense of achievement. It’s a job that matches someone’s skills, qualifications and experience. The right job is something that not only helps someone rebuild their lives, but enables them to contribute financially, socially and personally to their new country.

What are your projects for the next days, weeks and months? 

We have a hackathon scheduled in Wellington on 6-7 April 2019. We’re also aiming to launch a Women Fellowship Programme later in the year.

With which kind of organization (tech, NGOs, universities, officials,…) do you plan to partner with?

We’re aiming to partner with refugee umbrella organisations, tech organisations, entrepreneur incubators, universities, local City Councils and Central Government.

How can the Techfugees community help you? What are you looking for now?

We would love some social media followers and sharers to help build momentum and get the word out there. We’re also really open to hearing any advice and lessons that other Chapters have learnt along the way (many thanks to Annie Parker from Techfugees Australia for already sharing). We’re also starting to look for sponsors if anyone has links they can introduce us to.


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📇 Rochelle Stewart-Allen, Wellington

With a passion for transparency and accountability, Rochelle has long been a believer in the principles of equality, fairness, and justice. Describing herself as an Intrapreneur, she works to wrangle change from inside existing systems and drive social change. Her focus is on driving active engagement between civil society, government, business, and academia.

Learn more about Rochelle? Read her Medium, reach out on LinkedIn, follow her on Twitter!


📇 Jude Opira Bidong, Wellington

Jude is currently working as a Data services Administrator for Vector Advanced Metering Services. Before joining Vector, he worked in a variety of roles in the IT, Retail, warehouse industries to mention a few. 
However, when not at work he likes to play soccer and take an active role in other community activities, as well as spend time with family and friends.

Keep in touch with Jude on Twitter and LinkedIn!


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