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December 2021

🌍 Financial Times:Tech to rebuild the world’s reefs… And other startups and gadgets that could transform the world

🇫🇷 Maddyness:« Le talent des réfugiés ne doit pas être sous-estimé »


November 2021

🇪🇸 El Pais: Joséphine Goube: “Los discursos en redes contra los refugiados se combaten hablando menos y haciendo más”

🌍  The Scotsman: Scottish product design firms help develop phone charger for developing world

🇮🇹 Huffington Post: #Tech4Women. Yo soy Anita, soy una mujer, soy una migrante


October 2021

🌍 Global News Wire: Chili Piper’s $1M Citizens of our Planet Foundation Launches with Landmark Support for Global Refugees

🇮🇹 Milano Today: L’azienda milanese che assume donne rifugiate (con contratti a tempo indeterminato)



September 2021

🌍 PRovoke Media: EMEA News In Brief (September 6, 2021)

🌍 Business Wire: Western Union Foundation Funds Education for Underserved Youth


August 2021

🌍 IDG Connect: Techfugees – empowering refugees through innovation


July 2021

🌍 Evening Standard: Mind the gap: bridging London’s tech divide


May 2021

🌍 TechCrunch: BuffaloGrid and Techfugees launch education, solar charging initiative for refugees, aim to raise $3M



November 2020

🌍 TechCrunch: Techfugees nonprofit brings on new CEO to engage tech industry with refugee issues

🇫🇷 Kombini: On a rassemblé 23 talents qui illuminent Paris en une seule map !


October 2020

🇫🇷  InfoMigrantour #TF4Women Project Manager got interviewed by InfoMigrant to tell them more about the #TF4women fellowship – in arabic in the text 🙂


June 2020

🌍 International Telecommunications Union – Techfugees Data Hub team of volunteers was interviewed for an article on how tech is helping to map refugees in times of crisis


February 2020

🇫🇷 Care News – our CEO was at the ChangeNow summit to deliver a keynote presentation introducing the topic of displacement and climate change (in french)

🌍 Engineering & technology: Refugees and technology: on a journey of self-discovery

🌍 The New Economy –  How technology can help the global refugee crisis


January 2020

🌍 Signis – Techfugees: empowering displaced people with technology

🌍 Our partners, FAIRE, have written a blog post about us and on how technology is at the core of our work on inclusion of refugees.

🇫🇷 Courrier de l’atlas – Techfugees au service des réfugiés (in french and on paper)


December 2019

🌍 The Pies News – IGNITE 2019 sheds a light on the importance of digital learning opportunities for refugees

🇫🇷 The French Tech community in Angers welcomed Rana, one of the #TF4Women fellows, and talked about this experience on their blog (in French)

November 2019

🇫🇷 Maddyness announces the #TF4Women fellows’ final run with the Job Dating event on December 3rd (French).

🌍 For French readers, Le Point published a recap article about the panel discussion about Africa tech in which our CEO was involved in Marseille.

October 2019

🌍 Our CEO is one of the public supporters of the next Maddy Keynote so she was asked to share her vision of the 2020′ topic of the conference: the Mutations. French readers: have a look!

🇩🇰 Have a look at Cédric’s blog post sharing his experience as part of Techfugees’ first hackathon in Copenhagen with the Pasarán project for displaced people!

🇮🇪 Irish Tech News announces Techfugees Ireland’ meetup!

September 2019

🌍 Techfugees: The Global Tech Community Responds to the Refugee Crisis

🇦🇺 Hacky Place in the Collective Hub Magazine

July 2019

💌 Techfugees’ April > June newsletter

🌍 Silicon Luxembourg – When Technologies facilitate the integration of refugees

🌍 Maddyness (French)

June 2019

🌍 Forbes – Refugee Week – Businesses Building A Shared Future

🇳🇿 Techfugees NZ‘ first hack was on Re:news

🇦🇺 The Importance of Techfugees is a Medium post written by John Westgarth who attended Techfugees Australia WRD meetup

May 2019

🇫🇷 Techfugees France was on GuitiNews (French)

🇪🇸 Techfugees Barcelona‘s first hackathon was on Peaceworx

🇰🇪 A Youth for Technology Foundation team participated in Techfugees Nairobi hackathon and told it in a blog post

🇳🇿 Techfugees NZ‘ representative, Rochelle, gave an interview on Access Radio

🌍 Podcast “Le Marketing Cause” avec Ambre Cerny, Directrice de la communication de Techfugees (French)

April 2019

💌 Techfugees’ January > March newsletter

🇰🇪 Techfugees’ first African hackathon in Kenya was on CGTN Africa

🇦🇺 Techfugees Australia‘s last hackathon was on ABC National Radio

🌍 Stratégies – Les start-up, fers de lance de la tech for good (French)

🌍 Les Echos – Tech for good : “Jongler entre rentabilité et impact” (French)

🌍 What design can do – We need to battle with empathy. We need to humanize

March 2019 

🇫🇷 Techfugees France call to apply to the #TF4Women fellowship programme 2019 was on Maddyness

🌍French Web – Mythes et réalités autour des migrants (French podcast with Joséphine Goube)

🌍Madame Figaro – Remarquable Women in Technology, UNESCO’ exhibition feat Joséphine Goube (French)

February 2019 

🌍Medium, Marylene Ricci – What would it be like to spend one day in 2084? #MaddyKeynote2019

🌍Hello Neighbor – 43 Refugee and Immigrant Advocates To Know (with Mike Butcher inside!)

🌍 Video podcast of “Le Salon des Entrepreneurs” – Joséphine Goube’s interview (French)

January 2019 

🇳🇿 Techfugees New Zealand’s kick off on Scoop & Computer world 

🌍The Big Issue – Techfugees’ Founder & Chairman (Mike Butcher) listed as one of The Big Issue’s Changemakers Top 100

🌍Maddyness – Interview of Joséphine Goube – Techfugees’ CEO (French)

December 2018 

💌 Migrants’ Day Newsletter

🌍Tropics Magazine – Nomination of Techfugees’ CEO (Joséphine Goube) as the Prominent Female European Entrepreneur of the Year 2018

November 2018 

🇵🇹 Websummit 

October 2018 

🗞They talk about the Techfugees Global Summit 2018

September 2018 

🌍 Partnership with Google for entrepreneurs announcement (on l’ADN & Maddyness – French)

🌍Welcome to the Jungle (French)

August 2018

🌍Coin Central

🌍L’Express (French)

🌍Maddyness (French)

July 2018

🌍One the Dot, podcast

April 2018

🌍 Lush : Katie meets Alice & Data for good with Mike Butcher and Joséphine Goube

🌍Simone (French)

March 2018

🌍Mediatico“Le JT de l’ESS” (French) – From 3′

 🎤 SXSW Tech 

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