Where we operate

Techfugees works like an international network made of tech engineers, designers, social entrepreneurs, and NGOs all dedicated to working together and sharing learnings to come up with tech solutions to help refugees from their first journey to their arrival and societal integration.

Techfugees Local Chapters are essential to the Techfugees’ mission. They help gather their local tech ecosystems around the topic of refugees, create relevant local events & content to feed the local community, and coordinate the sharing of best practices with other chapters internationally.

We know that there is not a “one size fits all” solution to the crisis. But we know that local chapters can make a difference, contribute unique solutions to the cause and shine as a beacon of inspiration for others.

Every day our network is growing richer and stronger! Today, TF chapters span almost across all continents from Americans to Australian. Our network is growing, with groups joining us from around the world.

If you would like to start a new Techfugees chapter: fill out this application form!

Or to join an existing team, please contact Louise Brosset at louise@techfugees.com.

Techfugees Africa

  • Egypt – Cairo (in progress)
  • Kenya – Nairobi
  • Nigeria – Lagos (in progress)
  • Uganda – Kampala (in progress)

Techfugees Asia Pacific

Techfugees Europe

To set up a chapter in your city in Europe – please contact Louise Brosset at louise@techfugees.com

Techfugees Middle East

  • Jordan – Amman
  • Lebanon – Beirut (in progress)
  • Turkey – Istanbul (in progress)

To set up a chapter in your city in the middle East – please contact Louise Brosset at  louise@techfugees.com

Techfugees Americas

  • Canada – Toronto (in progress)
  • Columbia (in progress)
  • US – New York, San Francisco & Los Angeles (in progress)

To set up a chapter in your city in North America – please contact Josephine Goube at josephine@techfugees.com

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Your donation will go into supporting innovative projects and collaboration in our five focus areas which represent the most pressing issues for refugees.