Accelerating the professional inclusion of refugee women in digital and tech jobs since 2018

TF4Women are free programmes for refugee women to get back into employment. It provides educational and practical knowledge on jobs in the tech sector, in parallel to one-on-one mentoring. Its main purpose is the professional inclusion of women in the technology industry.

A mentor-led Programme

Participants are matched with professionals from the sector in order to support their job search, grow their digital skills & land a job in the tech industry that matches their skills.


#T4Women programmes are designed to alleviate the challenges faced by women refugees in order for them to fully dedicate their time to train and search for a new job in the digital sector.


Our programmes are thought as a comprehensive approach to inclusion : not only providing educational content but adapted to the needs of each woman with the aim to strengthen the building of social, economical and cultural capital.

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Our impact

The programme has been going on for the last three years in France and was able to accelerate past participants’ integration into the labor market. We issue an impact assessment each year, performed and produced by independent consultants. You can find all reports here.

TF4Women Edition 3

What do participants say?

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