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The Techfugees’ chapter in France started in 2016. It’s made up of a group of active and engaged members from the French associative, tech and entrepreneurial communities all looking for solutions to improve the lives of resettled refugees.


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⏮ 2019, November 23-24: Hackathon « Serious Games for Refugees’ Education »
Learn more about the challenges this hack will address by reading this Medium post (in French) and submit your project or idea before November 4th!

⏮ 2019, November 14: Pre-hack workshop

⏮ 2019, Octobre 10th: #TF4Women networking event

⏮2019, August 29-30th: Meet Joanna at Hanoi Innovation Summit

⏮ 2019, June 26th: Techfugees France’s Summer meetup in Paris!

⏮ 2019, June 11th: European Conference about the role of the private sector in economic integration of refugees

⏮ 2019, April 18th: #TF4Women fellowship programme – Paris 2019 meet up: what does it concretely mean “working in the digital field”?

2019, March 28th: #TF4Women fellowship programme – Paris 2019 presentation meeting @Numa 

⏮ 2018, June 22nd-23rd: Techfugees France engaged with the Red Cross in Paris

⏮ 2018, May 30th:  Meet & Greet

⏮ 2018, February > July: #TF4Women fellowship programme #1

⏮ 2017, June 30st > July 2nd: Hackathon Sport et Réfugiés

⏮ 2017, May 16th: Formation & Emploi pour les réfugié•e•s

⏮ 2017, March 10th > 12th: Hackathon with Startup Weekend

⏮ 2016, September 15th: Using Data & Tech to help NGOs & Refugees

⏮ 2016, June 20th:  World Refugee Day with MakeSense

⏮ 2016, March 12th-13th: Techfugees Paris Inaugural Hackathon

The Core Team

Techfugees France is currently led by:

Joanna Kirk, Paris – France

Joanna is a tech PR working with a number of local and international players in the community. She is also the co-director of StartHer supporting women in Tech and entrepreneurs and co-founded Startup Sesame.

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