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The Techfugees France chapter is made up of a group of active and engaged members from the French associative, tech and entrepreneurial communities all looking for solutions to improve the lives of refugees in Europe.

Our aim is to create a space where ideas can become reality. A forum where people put forward proposals on how to solve the challenges faced by refugees and where we help them to access tech talent, investment and advice in order to make these projects sustainable and purposeful.


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Women Fellowship [FR] or [EN]: January – June 2018



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Past Events

30 June / 1st & 2nd of July 2017 – Hackathon Sport et Réfugiés

10/11/12 Mars 2017 – Hackathon en collaboration avec Startup Weekend

15 September 2016 – La data appliquée aux thématiques réfugiés / Using Data & Tech to help NGOs & Refugees

12-13 March 2016 – La technologie au service des réfugiés / Techfugees Paris Hackathon



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