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The Techfugees’ chapter in France is made up of a group of active and engaged members from the French associative, tech and entrepreneurial communities all looking for solutions to improve the lives of refugees in Europe.

Its aim is to create a space where ideas can become reality. A forum where people put forward proposals on how to solve the challenges faced by refugees and where they help them to access tech talent, investment and advice in order to make these projects sustainable and purposeful.


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⏮2019, August 29-30th: Meet Joanna at Hanoi Innovation Summit

⏮ 2019, June 26th: Techfugees France’s Summer meetup in Paris!

⏮ 2019, June 11th: European Conference about the role of the private sector in economic integration of refugees

⏮ 2019, April 18th: #TF4Women fellowship programme – Paris 2019 meet up: what does it concretely mean “working in the digital field”?

2019, March 28th: #TF4Women fellowship programme – Paris 2019 presentation meeting @Numa 

⏮ 2018, June 22nd-23rd: Techfugees France engaged with the Red Cross in Paris

⏮ 2018, May 30th:  Meet & Greet

⏮ 2018, February > July: #TF4Women fellowship programme #1

⏮ 2017, June 30st > July 2nd: Hackathon Sport et Réfugiés

⏮ 2017, May 16th: Formation & Emploi pour les réfugié•e•s

⏮ 2017, March 10th > 12th: Hackathon with Startup Weekend

⏮ 2016, September 15th: Using Data & Tech to help NGOs & Refugees

⏮ 2016, June 20th:  World Refugee Day with MakeSense

⏮ 2016, March 12th-13th: Techfugees Paris Inaugural Hackathon

The Core Team

Techfugees France is currently led by:

Joanna Kirk, Paris – France

Joanna is a tech PR working with a number of local and international players in the community. She is also the co-director of StartHer supporting women in Tech and entrepreneurs and co-founded Startup Sesame.

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