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بدأت Techfugees France في عام 2016. وهي تجمع بين مجموعة من الأعضاء النشطين والمشاركين من المجتمعات التعاونية والتقنية وريادة الأعمال الفرنسية الذين يبحثون جميعًا عن حلول لتحسين حياة اللاجئين في فرنسا.


.نجمع بين أفراد ومنظمات متنوعة تشترك في هدف واحد: استخدام التكنولوجيا الرقمية لإيجاد حلول للعقبات التي يواجهها اللاجئون


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 Serious Games for refugees Hackathon – Nov 2019

Summer meetup in Paris – June 2019

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نحن ندعم اللاجئين والمنظمات التي ترغب في الوصول إلى موارد مجتمع ريادة الأعمال والتكنولوجيا. في هذا السياق ، نحن ندعم تنفيذ برنامج #TF4Women في فرنسا


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Why a programme for refugee women?

Find out more about the current cohort of 2020!

Read the 2019 Impact Report!


نشارك الدروس المستفادة واكتشافاتنا في دوائر أكبر (مؤتمرات ومراكز فكرية) للإبلاغ عن حالات الطوارئ والاحتياجات الملحة على أرض الواقع. وذلك حتى تكون الحلول التقنية المصممة والمختبرة أكثر صلة.


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European Conference: the role of the private sector in economic integration of refugees – June 2019 

Techfugees France engaged with the Red Cross  – june 2018 


نحن جميعا متطوعين. إذا كنت ترغب في الانضمام إلى صفوفنا ، ففكر في التقديم هنا

Joanna KIRK, Chapter lead, Paris

Joanna is a tech PR working with a number of local and international players in the community. She is also the co-director of StartHer, supporting women in tech & co-founder of Startup Sesame. Follow Joanna on Twitter

Alexandre MEYER, Volunteer Annecy

Ex Googler and Rocket Internet managing Director, Alex is currently exploring new projects and interested in things related to technology & positive impact . Follow Alexandre on Linkedin

Louis Zoccoli, volunteer #Connectivity, Montpellier

Louis Zoccoli is a young entrepreneur with a passion for sustainable development and innovation. He is the founder of "Solar Experience", a company that offers learning workshops where you assemble your own solar panels. He has a great pedagogical capacity following his experience in the animation and management of numerous summer camps. Based in Montpellier in the South of France where there is plenty of sunshine for his activity. He joined Techfugees at the end of 2021 as part of an electrical autonomy project for displaced people in Calais to have them assemble their own portable batteries.

Jeremie GARNIER, Volunteer #Connectivity, Paris

10+ years working in innovation for Cisco Systems France, on IT development and supporting those in need, Jeremie works at strengthening Techfugees France partnership with Cisco France through the #TF4Women Fellowship & Gaming Hackathon. Follow Jeremie on Linkedin and Twitter

Charlotte ABDELNOUR, Volunteer Angoulème

10+ years in the digital industry, currently managing Events & Communications at Octo technology, Charlotte organises tech conferences in Paris, when she's not climbing or spending time with her friends & family - or hands on the delivery of the fellowship in Paris. Follow Charlotte on Linkedin and Twitter

Marie CARRACEDO, Comms, Paris

Marie is working as a communication officer at Eutelsat, Konnect - the satellite broadband program deployed for Africa, Europe and Russia to provide internet in areas not covered by terrestrial networks. She joined Techfugees in March 2019 to support communication about the volunteers activities in France (TF4Women programs, Connectivity project, events...). Follow Marie on Linkedin and Twitter

Constance CORDIER, Volunteer #Research Paris

Constance is a graduate from ESCP Business School in Paris, a city she moved to in 2018 after living in Germany, Mexico, Ecuador and Canada where she attended McGill University from 2012 to 2016. She has worked in various fields, notably at the UN’s Agency for Refugees (UNHCR), Bain & Company and Doctolib. Inspired to work at the local level to improve the social and professional integration of refugees and migrants in France, Constance joined the Techfugees team in September 2020.

Mathias ZEMIRO, Volunteer Paris

After a few years in tech at Ubisoft, Mathias is now working as a public sector consultant in Paris. Eager to do more, he joined Techfugees in late 2021 to help out, and ended up writing an article on how to quickly deploy mobile connectivity hotspots for refugees.

We'd like to also thank all the previous volunteers who got involved in Techfugees France and without whom we wouldn't be there : Sharanya Thakur, Marie Aline Sanchez, Paul Emmanuel Levy, Lucie Pousson and all the supporters !

نحن نعمل مع منظمات مختلفة للمساهمة في حلول رقمية أكثر ملاءمة للاجئين والنازحين. انقر على الشعارات لترى كيف عملنا أو تعاوننا في الماضي.
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