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When the Techfugees movement started in London late 2015, techies in Berlin raised their hands up among pioneers cities around the world like Sydney, Oslo, Paris… Lead by Ernesta then Tom, the local team of volunteers took part in two hackathons in partnership with The Factory (Google for Startups’ partner!)  in June 2016 and with RediSchool and the NRC in 2018.

Since April 2019, a new team lead by Marco is picking up the torch and inspiring a fresh boost ✨


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⏮ 2018, April 20th-21st: Recapping our Berlin Hackathon with ReDI School and the NRC

⏮ 2016, June 4-5th: Berlin Refugee Hackathon: The refugee Journey

The Core Team

Techfugees Berlin is currently led by Marco Muccini:

Marco is CEO and co-Founder at Topos Network, a decentralized financial platform for an inherently decentralized population: migrants. By leveraging blockchain technology, Topos aims at catering a robust framework for financial inclusion. One which is borderless, transparent and moves grey markets into the white. Prior to Topos, He co-founded, a venture backed US-based leading global platform for immigration, where he served as Ceo and Chairman. Migreat applied AI legal systems to map the immigration laws of 6 different countries. Marco was part of ISI Group, an international fintech conglomerate catering financial services to migrants. The group broadened its activities becoming a conglomerate active in banking, insurance, telecommunications, media and advisory. In 2010, the company was acquired by Western Union. Marco held lectures on topics entrepreneurship, social and financial dynamics within multicultural societies at LSE, LBS, ESMT and LUISS. He sat on public committees and advised institutions across Europe on integration and new citizenship policies. He is also a Techstars Mentor for Artificial Intelligence since 2017.

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