About us

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“Empowering refugees & displaced people with technology”

Techfugees is an impact-driven global organisation aimed at building a sustainable ecosystem of “tech for refugee” solutions & supporting the inclusion of refugees and displaced people into the tech industry.

Our story 📖

Techfugees was created in September 2015 following a call on Facebook from Mike Butcher, Editor-at-large of TechCrunch in Europe, in response to the picture of Aylan’s lifeless body on a Turkish beach.

A few days later, 300 people were brought together in London for a first conference, followed by a hackathon. Many cities and countries across the world (Oslo, Sydney, Paris, Turin) picked up the torch over the following weeks!

Our Missions & Actions

At Techfugees, we do not create directly tech solutions. We are here to coordinate and be supportive, as a global platform. We create bridges between displaced persons, techies, social entrepreneurs, humanitarians, students, researchers, innovators, corporates, impact investors, journalists.

We exist thanks to a worldwide community of volunteers throughout the world. These Techfugees local chapters organise meetups and hackathons in an effort to generate tech solutions for and with displaced people and refugees. They also curate and promote the best projects for partnerships & implementation in the field.

Hackathons are the very first and essential step of Techfugees’ innovation cycle we’ve designed to help the best innovations for refugees grow. Come to our next Global Summit to meet them or apply to our Global Challenges competition to be one of them and connect with potential partners, funders or users.

While it meets regularly for events, the Techfugees community is mainly a huge online community.

Drawing on our experience and community, we advocate and act to turn the tech industry into a more welcoming place for refugee talents. Our women fellowship programme is our flagship action toward this goal.

At Techfugees, we chose to spread one pragmatic message: we no longer have time to be for or against refugees. Wars and now climate crisis are already forcing millions of people to leave their homes. Facing this new reality, we must enhance the preparedness of our societies and businesses with the tools that enable us to welcome displaced people. Building technological tools will allow us to scale our impact and that’s definitely what we need to tackle one of the biggest challenges of our Century. 

Techfugees is not a political movement.

Our Focuses

Techfugees has defined five main focus area of work were tech can have a significant impact. We refer to these as the “T5”.

Our Impact Goals 🎯

  • Expand Techfugees’ activities closer to tech hubs & refugee situations;
  • Keep the community growing with an equal or improved ratio of displaced people involved in Techfugees’ events;
  • Support refugee recruitment by the tech industry across the world;
  • Give rise to more “tech for refugees” projects and support them until refugees can finally hold them in their hands.

Make a donation

Your donation will go into supporting innovative projects and collaboration in our five focus areas which represent the most pressing issues for refugees.