Basefugees is the brainchild of Techfugees. It is an interactive data platform that will serve as a productive meeting ground for our Techfugees communities, innovators, impact investors and NGO’s eager to address the challenges of refugee populations through technology.

Basefugees is a project we have been nurturing in the background while we grew the Techfugees community. Basefugees aims to be the go-to source for tech talent and tech ideas serving key challenge areas in the refugee community. It aspires to provide an easy way for innovators to share their ideas with other innovators, NGO’s and impact investors, an easy way for NGO’s and impact investors to learn about those ideas and an easy way for the entire community to witness the significant impact made over time that will come from the collaboration fostered through the platform.

More information on Basefugees is coming soon in 2018. Until then, should you have any questions, please contact or

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