#TF4Women Fellowship Programme 2019 Impact Report : Executive Summary

TF4Women Edition 3

Techfugees wrapped up its second edition of #TF4Women Fellowship Programme 2019 in France last December. 

In order to measure the effectiveness and impact of the programme, an independent impact analyst conducted interviews with all stakeholders concerned and drafted an impact report. 


#TF4Women Fellowship Programme 2019 Impact Report

Executive Summary

One of humanity’s basic compulsion is to search for a better life, it cannot be truer for those who seek international protection. They go through many hurdles after their forceful displacement to re-establish their lives. Techfugees contribute to their effort in integration. 

The organization’s innovative #TF4Women Fellowship Programme assisted 14 displaced women in France last year in their efforts to acquire field-specific knowledge and accompanied them in developing their career further. This report demonstrates to what extent the programme has made an impact and its limitations.

Through the programme, the fellows were able to further deepen their knowledge in digital marketing, web development and digital project management. 

6 fellows have found employment upon completion of the programme while 5 are pursuing higher education. 3 fellows are still going through the asylum-seeking process thus this limited their ability to find employment. However, 1 of them had received a concrete employment offer that is to be signed upon obtaining the refugee status. 

The programme has boosted the fellows’ confidence and in their abilities to find a job. They were also able to better understand the practical modalities of working in France and learnt practical skills applicable to professional contexts. 

Although the programme mostly assisted fellows, their mentors have also gained valuable professional experience. They felt more engaged in advancing social justice. 

The program, however, had its limitations. One of them is the limited use of the online training platform Openclassroom. More training on the platform would have helped the fellows further develop their competences and ameliorate their CVs. 

Furthermore, in comparison to courses delivered in person raises the question of the relevance of the content that was on offer. More focus and adapting the courses to the fellows’ needs and concerns is needed to utilize and maximise the use of the platform. 

In light of the limitations of the programme, the report consists of practical recommendations for different actors concerned with the programme which could further improve the impact of the next editions of the programme.

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For the french version, click here: #TF4Women Impact Report_fr 🇫🇷



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