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Lebanon hosts the largest number of refugees relative to its national population (UNHCR 2018 annual report). There are around 3 million displaced people hosted in this country. One out of three has come from Syria as well as hundreds of thousands of long-term Palestinian refugees. Lots of them are jobless and suffer from precarious situations as well as huge debt.

Techfugees has had local contacts there since a while and decided to formalize its commitment locally through a Chapter in March 2019.


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🇱🇧 Online Meetup with TF Lebanon: Business Model Changes During The COVID-19 Pandemic

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🇱🇧 Online Meetup with TF Lebanon: Entrepreneurship Programmes during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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🇱🇧 Online Meetup with TF Lebanon: Remote Work Solutions for Refugees During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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The Core Team

Techfugees Lebanon is currently made of:

Harout Mardirossian, Beirut – Chapter Lead

Originally Syrian, living in Lebanon for almost 7 years, Harout is an IT and data professional with over 6 years of experience in both private and non-profit sectors. He loves to solve problems using technology, especially for refugees so Techfugees feels like home for him!

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Abdullah Altaweel, Tripoli

Abdullah is a 29 years old Syrian refugee, Living in Lebanon since 2013. he is an information technology graduate and a front end web developer competent with technologies as Java script, React.js, Node.js and Bootstrap. He is also a documentary films maker and a scriptwriter.

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Muzna Alzohori, Bekaa Valley

Muzna Alzohori, 26 years. Stopped studying Electronic Engineering at the University of Aleppo because of the war. Since 2013, I am refugee in Lebanon. Student of a computer science at LIU in the graduation year. Advocate for the rights of refugees and women. Co-Founder of Association of the University Students in Lebanon(AUSL), and of the Jellyfish Project. Writer, and filmmaker.

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Nowar Rahmouni, Beirut 

Business and Communications, graduated with honor from the Lebanese International University, Communication Arts, Radio and TV, wth two short documentaries. Motivational speaker, hosted several events and conferences as a Public Speaker. Proven success and leadership in more than 12 years of experience while working in different fields with businesses and NGOs. Founder at “Gharna” for traditional organic and handmade products. SPRAK Alumni Network Board of Members, Communications and Vice President.

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