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Lebanon hosts the largest number of refugees relative to its national population (UNHCR 2018 annual report). There are around 3 million displaced people hosted in this country. One out of three has come from Syria as well as hundreds of thousands of long-term Palestinian refugees. Lots of them are jobless and suffer from precarious situations as well as huge debt.

Techfugees has had local contacts there since a while and decided to formalize its commitment locally through a Chapter in March 2019.


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The Core Team

Techfugees Lebanon is currently led by:

Harout Mardirossian, Beirut

Originally Syrian, living in Lebanon for almost 7 years, Harout is an IT and data professional with over 6 years of experience in both private and non-profit sectors. He loves to solve problems using technology, especially for refugees so Techfugees feels like home for him!

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Abdullah Altaweel, Tripoli

Abdullah is a 29 years old Syrian refugee, Living in Lebanon since 2013. he is an information technology graduate and a front end web developer competent with technologies as Java script, React.js, Node.js and Bootstrap. He is also a documentary films maker and a scriptwriter.

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Muzna Alzohori, Bekaa Valley

Muzna Alzohori, 26 years. Stopped studying Electronic Engineering at the University of Aleppo because of the war. Since 2013, I am refugee in Lebanon. Student of a computer science at LIU in the graduation year. Advocate for the rights of refugees and women. Co-Founder of Association of the University Students in Lebanon(AUSL), and of the Jellyfish Project. Writer, and filmmaker.

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