Techfugees Uganda 🇺🇬

🇺🇬 Techfugees UGANDA 🇺🇬

Techfugees Uganda started in March 2021. According the UNHCR, Uganda hosts about 1.4 million refugees, which makes it the first African host country for refugees, with 60% being children. Forced displacement continues to grow with arrivals mainly from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), South Sudan and Burundi.

The goal of Techfugees Uganda is to connect refugees to the wider socio-economic system and restore their dignity so that they become agents of their own lives as well as their host communities 📶 🤳🏽

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Notre priorité est d’améliorer l’accès à internet pour les personnes réfugiées en age de travailler pour le rendre existant, abordable et performant



Notre deuxième domaine d’action est l’éducation. Nous travaillons à doter les jeunes réfugiés des compétences TIC nécessaires pour trouver un emploi (à distance ou localement), créer une entreprise ou s’engager dans un travail productif.



Nous sommes à 100% des bénévoles. Si vous souhaiteriez rejoindre nos rangs, candidatez

Benjamin ABUNUASI, co-lead

An innovative and social entrepreneur, enthusiast Change maker with extensive personal and professional development strategies and job creation experience Outgoing track of driving increased support to both young refugees and local youth. My specialties are in design thinking, project development and management, team-working, mentoring, life coaching, training of trainers, and partnership development. Passionate about empowering young refugees and marginalized youth with difficult backgrounds to transform their challenges into solutions

Tony OKWERA, co-lead

A Junior Consultant, of a background in Social Sciences, with over 9 years of cross-cutting experience in different consultancy and other employment fields, where I have conducted research, documentation, interpretation of work plans and log frames, reports, data entry and data analysis, training and facilitation, monitoring and evaluation for different organisations, and managed business. The above fields have been a training ground for me at the same time, hence enriched me with a good level of competence in re-search, analysis, report writing, accounting, training facilitation, M&E, information technology etc

Brenda Shine Kakiremba, Fundraising volunteer

Brenda is a chartered accountant and a social entrepreneur who is a resourceful and enthuiastic. She has extensive knowledge and developmental strategies which can help in empowering refugees in Uganda to have brighter futures. Brenda is also a focused and people-oriented person and supports as a volunteer fundraiser to achieve the goals of Techfugees Uganda, including the construction of a computer lab within Rwamwanja settlement.

Yusuf MUTAMBA, co-lead

Yusuf is an Entrepreneurship and Innovation specialist withextensive experience in Business Development with key focus on supporting Small and Growing Businesses in establishing and accelerating their growth and success. Formerly working with Starthub Africa, and for the EU: Africa Post Crisis Journey with Garage48, he's also a strategist program developer in areas relevant to investment climate, industry trends, and digitalization in Africa.

Sandra NIMUSIIMA, Communication and social media manager

As a Communications Specialist, my objective is to bring success to the organization or company by building beneficial links through effective internal and external communications. Having been a Communications Officer for almost seven years, I have been able to communicate successfully with different audiences: customers, investors, suppliers, internet community, and the press among others. I am committed to deliver excellent content through as many communication platforms as possible, and respond accordingly to the feedbacks received by the company. One of my objectives is to further my expertise in outsourcing and community building.


Nous collaborons avec des organisations très diverses afin de contribuer à des solutions numériques plus pertinentes pour les personnes réfugiées et déplacées. Cliquer sur les logos pour découvrir comment nous collaborons ou avons collaboré par le passé. 
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