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In 2020 Kenya hosted about 500 000 registered refugees on its territory. 84% of them lived in camps (Daadab, Kakuma).

Techfugees’ local chapter in Kenya, started in early 2017. After a successful hackathon in partnership with the Kenya Red Cross around health in Kakuma camp, Mary and Philomena, our new co-leads picked up the torch in June 2020. The team of volunteer is now focussing on facilitating access to health and education in camps and urban settlements through the deployment of digital products and services. 🏥

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Nous soutenons les personnes réfugiées et les organisations qui les aident souhaitant accéder à des ressources de la communauté entrepreneuriale & tech. Depuis 2019, nous avons travaillé avec la Croix-Rouge et un groupe de développeurs bénévoles, Faceless Hackers, pour mettre en place un produit numérique facilitant les alertes sanitaires dans les camps de réfugiés, allant de l’idéation à la phase de pilotage à Kakuma : E-heatlh Watch. Ce projet, désormais dirigé par le département Innovation de KRCS, est en cours de déploiement dans d’autres camps urbains du Kenya.

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Nous recherchons des services numériques responsables innovants à l’international et contribuons à leur déploiement local pour répondre à des défis auxquels sont confrontés les personnes déplacées au Kenya. À cet égard, nous avons lancé la campagne #Knowdedgisfreedom pour soutenir l’accès à l’éducation dans les camps de réfugiés. En partenariat avec des solutions offline telles que Buffalo Grid et Endless OS, nous facilitons les connexions avec les acteurs locaux (écoles, ONG…) d’adapter des solutions aux besoins locaux (évaluation des besoins, distributions de matériel informatique, tests utilisateur, démonstration en direct, traduction …). 


Nous partageons les leçons retenues et nos découvertes dans des cercles plus larges (conférences et think-tanks) pour informer sur les urgences et besoins pressants du terrain. Ceci afin que les solutions tech pensées et testées soient plus pertinentes.

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Nous sommes une équipe 100% bénévoles. Si vous souhaitez nous rejoindre, candidatez !

Philomena Mwangi, Co-lead

PM professional with over 6 years experience in Technology Consulting, her interests are in applying technology to alleviate day to day challenges. She has been actively involved in work where tech is used to bridge gaps in education (access, affordability & quality). She started supporting displaced communities at Kakuma Refugee Camp. By joining TF, she aims to make a positive mark in the lives of displaced people in Kenya, through the use of technology. Get in touch with Philomena Linkedin

Mary MUNYOKI, Co-lead

Mary Munyoki is a technology innovation and entrepreneurship enthusiast with a passion to empower displaced and marginalised youth and women in relation to technology for development. Her specialities are in strategic project management, business development, human resources, multi-stakeholder partnerships, policy engagement and programs operation. Get in touch with Mary Linkedin

John MONYCHIRIN, Community Outreach

John is a student pursuing Bachelors of Information Technology at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. "I am hardworking and committed individual who is able to work well as part of team as well as own initiative. I am passionate to empower the livelihood of displaced people in Kakuma refugee camp through technology.My specialists are in Networking, Front End developer, Database Management, IT support and Maintenance. Taught in kakuma Refugee camp as secondary school teacher under Windle International Kenya. Volunteered with a team to develop School Management Information System for Nakuru Vocationary Training Centre."

Havi MURUNGI, Senior Design Researcher

Dr Havi Murungi is a Social Researcher and Information Designer with a bias for Ethnographic Research Strategies and Co-Creative Design Processes. This is not how it started though – trained as a graphic designer, he was intrigued by how people understood symbols and other visual communication artefacts so took the postgraduate route to finding this out. He has a PhD in Visual Communication and MA in Graphic & Information Design from De Montfort University, UK, and a BA (Hons) in Design from University of Nairobi, Kenya. He has transitioned between academia and industry for much of his working life – teaching Design Management at University of Nairobi and Visual Communication at Brunel University, UK, University of Pretoria, South Africa, and Technical University of Kenya as well as being Research Director and Executive Director at Consumer Insight, Nairobi. He now runs his own Social Research and Information Design practice, Havis. Over the last two decades, he has conducted research in the following areas in Eastern, Southern and Western Africa: mobile and banking services; media and communication; agricultural value chains; early childhood and youth segments; social and humanitarian issues; vehicles and mobility; domestic appliances and consumer goods; haircare; retail, water and energy sectors. He helped found Tafaria cHub (now Tafaria Museum & Centre for the Arts – TMCA) in 2013 and directed its artists-in-residence programme until 2020. The centre is a social enterprise based at Tafaria Castle in rural Kenya whose goal is to explore unconventional approaches to developmental challenges by deploying visual and performing artists, craftspeople, designers, writers and other creative practitioners and postgraduate students as agents of socio-economic, cultural and environmental transformation. The centre has, to date, hosted over 40 artists-in-residence from around the world in this endeavour and was the initiative which got him into the Acumen Fellowship programme in 2015.

Aisha Fadallala , Community outreach Kakuma

Aisha comes from the northern part of Sudan, a country that is yet to make any advancement in the field of Technology. Aisha is a self-driven software developer, she strongly believes through her tech skills she is able to contribute and solve pressing sole issues affecting her community. She continues to grow and expand her scope of tech knowledge while developing applications.

🙏 We would also like to thank Beryl Onyango who used to take care of comms before Aya, Priscilla Queirolo who was Techfugees’ Regional Development Volunteer in Africa based in Nairobi during the first months of 2019 as well as Benjamin Hounsell who led Techfugees in Kenya since day one.

Gemma MAY, Voluntary Fundraising Manager

Gemma is an experienced partnerships and fundraising expert who has worked in the UK and East Africa for over 10 years for NGOs, start ups and education institutions. She has raised over $25 million through foundations and private companies and has extensive knowledge on setting up sustainable fundraising strategies and partnerships. She became involved in refugee projects and saw how technology was a game changer to the lives and opportunities of refugees and displaced people. She is passionate about helping refugees get all the access and opportunities they need to change their own lives.

Dominic KIMATHI, Project Manager

Dominic is a Project Management Consultant and Country Rep for Field Buzz in Nairobi,Kenya. When he's not busy coordinating projects with software developers in Germany & Bangladesh, he's busy organizing intimate, acoustic gigs as the City Co-Lead and Partnerships & Logistics Liason at Sofar Sounds Nairobi. Furthermore, he's the New Sponsor and Sponsorship Relations Coordinator at Project Management Institute, Kenyan Chapter. In addition to that, he's in the SDSN Youth Committee of The Great Lakes Region as well as an Advocate of the Global Schools Program.Other than that, in his free time he plants trees and teaches primary kids how to grow and preserve tree nurseries with Miti Alliance. He's also a mentor with Tim Aridi Foundation.

Abri Yusuf, Community Outreach

Abri joined Techfugees Kenya in 2020. He has a refugee background and is based in Kakuma, as TF Kenya ambassador. He studied Information Technology at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology(JKUAT). "I am currently giving back to my fellow refugees, teaching my fellow youth how to code using html, css and JavaScript. Apart from that am also teaching basic computer packages."

Aya RAGHEB, Social Media Manager

Aya is passionate about Social Media and travelling. Her passions led her to study for a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce and Business. She has lived in Egypt, Kenya and travelled in 8 countries, which led her to move to Dubai, where she developed her career as a marketer and developed a "Think out of the Box" mentality which leads her to have creative ideas. She also worked with Social Hackers Academy, NGO in Greece, as a Social Media Manager to support the team reach its mission and support more people in achieving their goals in tech. Aya joined Techfugess to keep supporting many people reach to safe future and better life and pushing for the growth and development in Kenya Chapter and the whole organisation through Marketing strategy and promoting the activities that the team are doing to raise the awareness of the organisation mission and reach more people who need help.

Devika SINGH, Impact and Project Manager

Over the last 10 years, Devika has been investigating the field of migration through different geographies and cultural lenses. In India, she worked on the topic of forced displacement caused by industrial projects and its impact on gender dynamics within households. In Europe, she has focused on migrants and refugees and how organizations seeking new players in the areas of business, entrepreneurship, public leadership, and media & arts can benefit from this talent flow. Personally, Devika is interested to understand the flow that migration – both voluntary and forced – creates in individual lives and the diverse ways in which individuals transform in new territories. Her work has helped her build skills in diverse contexts: project management, leadership training, strategic foresight, entrepreneurial development, innovation training, economic empowerment, and future-facing partnerships for diversity and inclusion. This is based on strong theoretical footing across disciplines - social sciences, design and business. A literature aficionado, Devika holds a bachelors in English Literature from Delhi University. She speaks fluent Hindi, English and French and believes that literature and art reveals the ethos of culture and influences the society’s reflection on it. She lives in Nairobi with her husband and daughter and is presently working on a book.


Nous collaborons avec des organisations très diverses afin de contribuer à des solutions numériques plus pertinentes pour les personnes réfugiées et déplacées. Cliquer sur les logos pour découvrir comment nous collaborons ou avons collaboré par le passé.