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Techfugees Australia was one of the first “chapter” to start activities after the Techfugees inaugural conference and hackathon in London in 2015. Several cities got involved, including Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.  A team of volunteers is currently active in Adelaide. 


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⏮ 2020, February 10th: Techfugees Adelaide – Strategic Planning meetup 

⏮ 2019, December 9th: Techfugees Adelaide Meetup

⏮ 2019, June 20th: World Refugee Day Sydney Meetup

⏮ 2018, November 24th-25th: Techfugees Sydney Hackathon in Blacktown 2018

⏮ 2018, July 11th: Techfugees Australia workshop

⏮2018, June 20th: Techfugees Australia World Refugee Day meet-up

⏮ 2017, May 26th>28th: Techfugees Adelaide Hackathon

⏮ 2017, May 4th: Techfugees Meetups Kickoff with TripAdvisor

⏮ 2017, March 17th > 19th: TechfugeesBNE Hackathon

⏮ 2016, November 5th-6th: Techfugees Australia Hackathon with Young People

⏮ 2016, April 15th>17th: Techfugees Melbourne Hackathon

⏮ 2015, November 28th-29th: Techfugees Sydney Hackathon: Finding tech solutions through the magic of collaboration

The Core Team

Techfugees Adelaide is currently led by:

Jeannine Malcolm, Adelaide – Australia

Jeannine has a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) from the University of Melbourne. Her career spans the highly regulated pharmaceutical and biotech sector as well as experience managing multi-million dollar capital projects in the wine industry.  Jeannine has strengths in strategic planning, operations, process improvement, equipment and process validation and team management. Jeannine has been applying her interpersonal and organisational skills to the community services sector for the past few years but has always maintained a strong interest in innovation, technology and social entrepreneurship. Techfugees came to her via Twitter where soon after, she found herself organising the first Techfugees Hackathon in Adelaide, South Australia. 

🙏 We would like to warmly thank Annie, Anne-Marie and Nicky for having run several hackathons and meetups across Australia since nearly day one.

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