Fresh questions emerging from a resurgent #BlackLivesMatter movement

Techfugees have resisted pressure to release a statement on the #BLM movement, but you’ll be able to guess our stance if you’re familiar with us. It’s disgusting that Black Lives Matter has to sear itself across the world’s consciousness once again. Because it’s revolting that the murder of Afro-American people at the hands of police remains an accepted fact of life in the US.

Yet here we are again, though this time it feels different, like a tipping point.


Techfugees Kenya : Here we go again!

What’s up? Techfugees is BACK in Kenya 🇰🇪 After months of suspense, the Kenya Chapter will (re)join Techfugees family 👪


🇳🇬 News from Techfugees Nigeria

Article written by Brian Oyewole, co-lead TF Nigeria Since the opening of Techfugees in Nigeria in September 2019, our team


👣 What it is like to volunteer with Techfugees … Abdullah’s experience in Lebanon !

I was looking for any empowering opportunities for me as a Syrian refugee living in Lebanon for several years, but sadly … There was a lack of such things. With Techfugees and this phone call, I found a sparkle of hope to at least start doing something toward changing the situation in Lebanon by cooperating with the uprising community around the world.