Sharing a new narrative on migrations and what we have learned from the field is one of the goals of Techfugees. Do you want to hear and meet one of our ambassadors across the world? Here are the next conferences, panel discussions, workshops… where we will speak 🎤

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🇬🇧 Meet Alice, Techfugees London’s ambassador at King’s College

Techfugees’ London ambassador, Alice, will take part in KCL Student Action for Refugees (KCL STAR) symposium themed on “The Journey After the Journey: The UK Asylum Process”. She will lead a workshop about the way to use tech to empower refugees and displaced people and share Techfugees’ three-years experience.

🗓 February, Saturday 23rd – London, UK

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🇩🇪 Meet Techfugees’ CEO in Berlin!

Joséphine GOUBE will take part in a panel discussion organised by APX by Axel Springer Porsche with Nathan Sparling (CEO of HIV Scotland’s) and Jamie Szymkowiak (Founder of One in Five). Discussions will focus on this topic: what startups can learn from charities, from fundraising, marketing, and how to enter new markets?

🗓 February, Tuesday 26th (pm) – Berlin, Germany

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🇬🇧 Meet Oscar from Techfugees Cambridge!

Techfugees Cambridge‘s Lead, Oscar, will speak at the Cambridge International Development Conference, held by the Centre for Global Equality Student Society.

🗓 March, Saturday 2nd – Cambridge, UK

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Past events


🇫🇷 Come explore a day in 2084 with Techfugees’ CEO at the Maddykeynote

🗓 January, Thursday 31st (am) – Paris, France

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🇫🇷 Meet Josephine at the French Entrepreneurs’ Fair for a panel discussion between high-profiled changemakers

🗓 February, Thursday 7th (am) – Paris, France

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🇬🇷 Meet Sophie from Techfugees Greece at the Thessaloniki Regional Forum

Techfugees’ Greek Chapter representative Sophie Lamprou will discuss the role of Techfugees in the Greek “refugee crisis” and how can we use innovative technological and educational solutions for positive impact. Sophie will participate in the “Western Balkans and the Refugee Crisis: Addressing internal and external challenges, protecting human rights and building a new way forward” panel, part of the Thessaloniki Regional Forum agenda.

🗓 February, Saturday 16th – Thessaloniki, Greece

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