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Techfugees chapter in Ireland was launched at the Creative Minds hackathon that took place on 14-16 October 2016 at the Dublin City University (DCU) Ryan Academy in partnership with the U.S. Embassy and Intel.
Techfugees Ireland is focused on developing solutions to empower refugees with technology and promote refugee inclusion, integration and self-reliance.


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2020, March 12th: TF Ireland @Tech for Good: Refugee Rights Meetup

2019, November 14th: Meet Suad at the Dublin Book Festival

⏮ 2019, October 21st: Techfugees Ireland is back with a meetup in Dublin!

⏮ 2019, March 8th > 10th: Startup Weekend Immigration Hackathon

⏮ 2017, April 24th: Projection of Requiem for Aleppo

2017, March 15th: Lye Ogunsanya, Guest speaker @TechforGood meetup

⏮ 2016, October 14th > 16th: Creative Minds Hackathon

The Core Team

Techfugees Ireland is currently led by:

Suad Al Darra, Dublin

Suad is a Syrian data scientist resettled in Ireland. She is the Founder of the Refugees Are project which won the Social Inclusion Global Challenges 2018 of Techfugees. She picked up the torch of the Irish Chapter of Techfugees in 2019.

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🙏 We would like to warmly thank Lye Ogunsanya who led the Techfugees community in Ireland since its birth in 2016.

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