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Techfugees’ local chapter in New Zealand kicked off in January 2019.



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Due to the tragic events of Christchurch, the Techfugees New Zealand team has decided to postpone all events (meetups, hackathon) for a few weeks. Our deepest brotherly thoughts are heading for them. Updates to come on their Meetup’s group.


⏮ 2019, February 12th, Wellington: Inaugural meetup


The Core Team


Techfugees NZ is lead by:

Rochelle Stewart-Allen, Wellington

With a passion for transparency and accountability, Rochelle has long been a believer in the principles of equality, fairness and justice. Describing herself as an Intrapreneur, she works to wrangle change from inside existing systems and drive social change. Her focus is on driving active engagement between civil society, government, business, and academia.

Learn more about Rochelle? Read her Medium, reach out on LinkedIn, follow her on Twitter!


Jude Opira Bidong, Wellington

Jude is currently working as a Data services Administrator for Vector Advanced Metering Services. Before joining Vector, he worked in a variety of roles in the IT, Retail, warehouse industries to mention a few. 
However, when not at work he like to play soccer and take an active role in other community activities, as well as spend time with family and friends.

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