SI4RI – How will rapid digitisation impact migrant and refugee inclusion?


October 5


03:30 pm - 04:45 pm

The fourth conference of the Social Innovation for Refugee Inclusion (SI4RI) builds on previous editions in 2016, 2017 and 2019.  The 2021 conference will explore in particular how the diverse landscape of partnerships, social enterprises, participatory models, and community led initiatives spearheading social innovation for inclusion have fared against the backdrop of COVID 19. It will also discuss how this ecosystem can emerge strengthened from the crisis, and how innovations can reach underserved places and highly vulnerable groups.


Joséphine Goube will intervene in the talk “Digital equity: How will rapid digitization impact migrant
and refugee inclusion?”




  • What lessons can recent innovations provide on how to advance migrant and refugee inclusion through digital services—particularly in a context of social and physical distancing?
  • What limitations, challenges and inequities should social innovators in civil society, private sector, and government keep in mind when exploring the potential of tech for inclusion?
  • What investments are necessary to ensure that digitization does not lead to widening inequalities in diverse communities and societies?
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