What happened since Techfugees Global Summit

The first Techfugees Global Summit welcomed 500+ attendees from 37 countries, including social entrepreneurs, refugees, impact investors, policymakers, media, NGOs, 50+ speakers, 42 startups pitching on stage, 3 workshops focused on human-centered design, access to employment and blockchain for refugees.

As Joséphine, Techfugees CEO, says in the video above, “we guarantee we’ll do it again“. While we confirm the date for the 2018 summit, here a list of the concrete initiatives that have come out of it. 

1. Creation of a new consortium on refugee employment

Techfugees created a consortium following the workshop on employment for refugees.

“The consortium gathers the social entrepreneurs, refugees, and companies who have created online platforms for refugee employment from ten different countries. All participants of the consortium have expressed the need to collaborate, to achieve, scale faster and truly deliver on KPIs,” says Joséphine Goube. “The consortium, led by Techfugees, offers a framework which enables more collaboration and the building of trust between social entrepreneurs. The aim is to secure bigger funding for members, officially represent them at international conferences and be a way to facilitate the sharing of best practices.”

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2. Basefugees

It was clear for participants at the Summit that a global challenge such as migration in the 21st century requires a global cooperation of actors and that a smart digital tool is needed to scale this.

We need a tool accessible anywhere, by anyone, which can provide a useful overview of what works and what does not,” says Joséphine Goube. As such, the Techfugees team has taken on the initiative to move forward with the Basefugees project of building an open-source platform: “Think of Angel List meets Crunchbase meets Quora, where curated tech solutions, teams, products are listed and pitch to NGOs and refugees looking for solutions to a better access to accommodation, language course, employment, health and legal advice. We now think we have better chances of doing it right, with the right UX and partners.”

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What attendees said about the Summit:

I came to the Techfugees Summit in Paris in hopes of gaining inspiration. As a young person who has just recently started my own tech project, I was hoping to gain more insight on what motivates people in the social impact sector. The moment I came to Station F I admit I was very intimidated by everyone’s vision, luckily I was met with openness. Most tech events that I go to are about finding one’s own way to success through networking and investing. The Techfugees Summit was all about what we the people, could do together to accomplish greatness for the world.” Aneela Qureshi – Founder, Symmitree “Connecting the Disconnected”

Before taking part in the Summit I sometimes felt that events and projects were minimal, but after I saw the international community gather from around the world, things became different: it’s not just the Middle East and Syrians. What Techfugees is doing, is far beyond expectations”. Ali Hilli – Ambassador, Techfugees Jordan.

“The Techfugees Global Summit boosted our networking extremely. Within just two days we connected to all relevant players: investors, media, refugees and like-minded initiatives! To meet in person is still the best.” – Florian Horsch – Co-Founder, Habibi.Works

What the media said about techfugees Global Summit 

Thank you to our partners from Les EchosFrance24, Madyness, BloombergFinancial TimesForbesVentureBeat, Terra Incognita, Presse Citron, Uzbek & Rica, FrenchWeb, and many more international media who came, wrote and talked about the summit and its participants. 

You can find videos of the panel and photos on links above:

Videos of the summit

Photos of the Summit


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