Belgrade Techfugees team latest hackathon on Migrant Integration

The three-day SmartCity.Education Festival was held at the Radisson Blu Old Mill organized by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and the BEUM Association between 26 and 28 May.

The main event of the festival was a three-day conference where the speakers from the region and Europe were talking about smart cities. In addition to the conference, guests had the opportunity to visit the “CityOS Air city” workshop, Kids Lab workshop, as well as the revived Fuckup Nights Belgrade.

One of the integral events of the festival was the MEU.hackathon2017 held at the ICT Hub Playground in cooperation with the Belgrade Techfugees team, where students, developers and activists from Serbia and abroad were divided into multidisciplinary teams (MeGrow team, Fontastic team, BSS team). They worked on finding innovative solutions on the topic of migrant integration with the support of mentors from UNHCR, Belgrade Center for Human Rights, Center for Education Policy, IBM and ICT Hub. The teams worked really hard, as the Techfugees HQ can testify for the numerous pictures of hackers received late at night, and the nice pictures of some on-site sleeping 🙂

The editor of the article decided to share only the civilised pics.

All the solutions were presented in front of the audience at the SmartCity.Education Festival.

The winning team, MeGrow, designed a platform for tracking and sharing migrant children education progress between schools. It connects schools that work with migrant children and creates virtual records of their marks and progress, making exchange of information between the schools seamless.

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