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We harness the power of the many to co-create and curate innovative digital technology solutions with displaced persons.

Our global community footprint is over 56,000+ with track record of orchestrating 150+ events including 30+ hackathons and 2 Global Summits, involving 4,000+ people across the world.


We orchestrate inclusion programmes supporting the inclusion of displaced women into the digital workforce across Europe. 

80% of women participating have secured a job matching their qualifications, on top of having enhanced digital skills and strengthened personal resilience & confidence.


We build open-source online platforms to provide insights to displacement needs in order to identify & assess technology solutions. 

Our platforms support 80+ volunteers share information & data and helps us follow the growth of 700+ innovative projects building tech for & with displaced persons across the world.


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Why is your donation important?

Millions of people are forcibly displaced due to conflict and natural disasters as a result of climate change. 

Thanks to Techfugees global outreach, displaced people can connect to  share their experience across the five continents and engage with our global digital tech community for solutions that fits their needs.

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Despite growing market need for digital skills, there is evidence highlighting  displaced women being mostly marginalized and discriminated from potential employment prospects in the digital sector – at least x8 times more likely to be unemployed compared to their male counterparts.

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It is expected that 150 Million people will be displaced by climate change by 2050. 

Digital trusted data & information from the global community fosters informed decisions on how innovation can facilitate access to information, employment, education, health and social inclusion for displaced persons.

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