Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the virus and with all healthcare workers working hard to care after people contaminated by the virus across the world.

The virus does not discriminate by race, gender or status. Yet, it will likely hit more severely the vulnerable, among whom displaced people & refugees – whom have, on average, a more limited access to healthcare, information and less opportunities to protect themselves from the virus and its socio-economic consequences. That’s why a group of us, refugees or friends of refugees, humanitarians, data scientists & social entrepreneurs have come together to collaborate online and map the impact of covid19 on refugees communities as well as list existing potential solutions ready to be implemented locally or at scale to respond to it.


We are a community of humanitarians, data scientists, social entrepreneurs and research organisations, all volunteers and led by Techfugees, who have come together to track and map the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on displaced communities, monitor evolution of asylum policies while the crisis is unfolding and source existing potential solutions ready to be implemented which can empower displaced people and mitigate the negative consequences of the pandemic.



Covering the five continents, the platform is gathering data on how the coronavirus affects refugees from a health, human rights and socio-economic standpoint and what is being done and can be done to protect & empower displaced people. This data is updated weekly by a group of volunteer contributors among which you will find refugees, humanitarian organisations and actors, data scientists and migration policy analysts.


The data is collected from multiple formats & sources: from on-the-ground direct reports & refugee surveys to online media & social media monitorings. Each data item is associated with a contributor and a location mentioning one or several sources, including media sources, where it was found. Sometimes the information listed is accompanied with a comment on the reliability of that information.

As the data grows bigger and because it is important for us at Techfugees, to listen to displaced persons and take into consideration their situation and experiences, we launched Techfugees Live Sessions! A series of online bi-monthly talks that provides regional and local updates on how communities are coping with the situation and on what tech solutions are currently being used by these communities. You can find them all below and on youtube.

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