The Techfugees Followup Conference, London – December 2nd 2015

On December 2nd, 2015 Techfugees held its second conference in London, which was designed to once again bring together the incredibly creative tech community with the organizations dealing with the European Refugee crisis.


The main aims of the event were: to bring back together the key players involved, re-cap what has been achieved so far, and work further on the best technology and best solutions that can aid both refugee agencies and the refugees themselves, on the ground.

A number of Techfugees-supported Hackathons have taken place since the Techfugees movement was started, including in Oslo, Venice and Warsaw. Future Hackathons have already been planned for Munich, Berlin and Sydney, with more locations in the near future. We will hear about what they have achieved so far. We will also hear from UNHCR among other agencies.

We aim to address major issues such as deploying Wifi in a fast way to refugees; the best, most effective apps and sites that have been deployed so far (what has been effective, and what hasn’t worked); how tech can be used to integrate refugees into society as they transition to asylum seeker status, and eventually citizens of new countries; and the crucially import Legal aspects that surround the issues.

We hope you will join us once again. We are unable to bear all the costs of the event, so the ticket costs will represent the literal cost of providing for the venue, lunch and coffee/tea etc, but it is a low £36.

Thanks again for your support!

The Techfugees Team