Global Consultation Week – Feb 3rd 2016

Techfugees Launches Global Consultation Week (27 Jan – 5 Feb)

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  • Techfugees projects & findings to be presented to Syria Donors Conference 2016 at 10 Downing Street
  • Global #TechfugeesLIVE live streaming event to discuss tech solutions for refugees takes place before world leaders discuss Syrian refugees
  • Findings of Techfugees Global survey of tech to be submitted to conference

LONDON, UK — February 1, 2016: Techfugees, the non-profit created to coordinate the tech community’s response to the plight of refugees, is calling for all ‘refugee technology’ projects to be registered on the Techfugees platform in order to be part of a discussion around solutions for education, skills and jobs for Syrian refugees at the Syria Donors Conference on 4 February.

Present at the conference taking place at 10 Downing Street, will be the UK Prime Minister, Queen Rania, UNSG Ban Ki moon and many others.

Techfugees is coordinating and curating ‘refugee technology’ — especially any which focuses on jobs, skills and education — on a global scale, and has been invited to present its findings to the Syria Donors Conference 2016.

The aim of the conference is to address the longer term needs of those affected by the refugee crisis by identifying ways to create jobs and provide education, offering all those that have been forced to flee their homes greater hope for the future, in advance of the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul in May.

‘Refugee technology’ projects that are registered and curated by Techfugees include web platforms, mobile apps and hardware, which either assist refugees directly or aid NGOs working with refugees.

Projects can be registered via the Techfugees online consultation form: And contributions can also be made via the Techfugees ‘mini wikipedia’ of projects:

A Techfugees Live online and studio programme will be broadcast from London on 3 February.

#TechfugeesLIVE will be presented by Mike Butcher, Editor At Large of tech news site TechCrunch.

The live programme will bring in speakers both in person and online from around the world to discuss technology to aid the refugee crisis.

Mike Butcher says: “There’s no better time for the tech community to come together to help governments figure out how technology can assist in the Syrian refugee relief effort. As well as assisting in the short term, tech platforms can help generate skills, education and jobs for refugees in the long term. Techfugees plans to highly the best solutions during it’s global live stream across contributors from refugees camps in the Middle East, to Techfugees members across Sydney, Athens, London, Berlin, New York, Paris and Warsaw.”

This GLOBAL CAMPAIGN will run this week, with two core means of feedback from the tech community:

Firstly, via the techfugees online consultation form, where projects can be registered:

Secondly, contributions can be made via the Techfugees ‘mini wikipedia’ of projects:

The results of these contributions will be printed and presented it to delegates to the Syria Donors Conference the next day.

Involved in the global consultation will be global Techfugees chapters including London, New York, Paris, Warsaw, Athens, Sydney and many others.

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About TechFugees
Moved by the plight of refugees in Europe, a number of technology industry people have formed a small voluntary team to create the free, non-profit, “Techfugees” community, conference and hackathon.

In the last week our Facebook Group and Twitter account has exploded, with over 3,000 people from the tech community signing up.

There is clearly a huge desire amongst the tech community to get involved.

This will be an entirely non-profit initiative to bring together tech engineers, entrepreneurs and startups together with NGOs and other agencies in order to address the crisis in ways where the technology world can bring its considerable firepower.

TechFugees Team:
Mike Butcher – @mikebutcher
Petra Johansson – @PetraJohansson
Frank Meehan – @frank_meehan
Monique Lunt – @MoniqueMLunt
Josh Russell – @joshr
Edward Woodcock – @IAmFledge
Edward Saperia – @edsaperia
Tom Hayton – @tomhayton
Matthew Gardiner – @matwg

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