Techfugees mini US visit to promote the Techfugees Global Summit 2018

Techfugees’ CEO Joséphine Goube will be in the US cities of Washington DC and San Francisco from the 1st to the 6th of June to meet US-based “tech for refugee” startups, the tech companies implicated in the empowerment of refugees and sharing knowledge on the refugee tech startup ecosystem in Europe.

As an advocate for scalable technology solutions to empower displaced people, she will be speaking at the Consensys BSIC Conference on blockchain for social impact and judging blockchain challengers in Washington on Friday 1st of June, before flying to San Francisco in order to meet Tech companies involved in solving the growing refugee challenge and speak at the World Refugee Council annual event to discuss ways to bridge the existing divide between NGOs and the tech industry.

This is the second visit to the US for Techfugees in 2018, the first one being in March 2018 to open the SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, and correlates with the launching of tickets for the new edition of the Techfugees Global Summit happening at the largest Startup campus in the world, Station F in Paris, on the 25th and 26th of October 2018.

This year’ summit will be themed after Techfugees’ CEO opening keynote at SXSW Let’s tech the borders down. It aims to bring the leading innovators building technology to overcome the challenges faced by refugees and displaced people worldwide. Through talks, workshops, networking and a pitching competition, Techfugees Global Summit will showcase and encourage impact-driven innovation to transform the existing global refugee system and its inadequacies.

In a world where the tech sector is aiming at disrupting people’s lives, Techfugees is looking forward to traveling to the Mecca of Tech (Silicon Valley), meet and learn about the tech companies and startups that are in effect working at disrupting the lives of 65 million people displaced people.

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