World Refugee Week 2022


June 20 - 02:00 pm


June 24 - 01:00 am



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Techfugees was born in London out of the so-called “refugee crisis” in Europe in the summer of 2015. For the past six years, it has coordinated the tech community’s commitment and contribution to develop solutions using technology to address the host of challenges associated with being a refugee.

These past years, after the pandemic, after the massive forced migration caused by various crisis from Afghanistan to Ukraine, we wanted to remind the challenges newcomers face as they settle into their new host societies, and question the role technology can take in breaking down barriers and building bridges to enable integration.

For Refugee Week, we want to discuss these topics and show that change is possible. Technology can make a difference and help building more inclusive societies when properly built and thought. Join us !


Monday 20 June 2022

Technology and refugees: What changed in the last decade ? Addressing digital divide and accessibility


2:00 pm Introduction to the World Refugee Day

2:15 pm Panel Session (40 mins + 5 mins Q&A): What do we mean by digital accessibility ? What have we seen with Techfugees for the past 5 years ? Why are things moving so slowly into giving access to mobile technologies?

This panel will address the topic of digital accessibility for forcibly displaced persons with a conversation from leaders reflecting on has been seen through refugees lived experienced over the past five years; posing questions as how slow progress is impacting forcibly displaced lives and what current initiatives are being taken to unlock the opportunities for enabling access to tech to empower inclusion. 

Discussion topics will include accessibility to trusted information in terms of affordability and availability of devices & services, utilisation/ability of digital skills literacy and appropriateness of information serving forcibly displaced communities.

3 pm Global Virtual Pitch Stage: 3 pitches of tech4refugees projects across the world will pitch live on Techfugees Facebook Page. Theme track: ℹ️ Access to Information

3:30 pm Coffee break ☕️

4:00 pm Keynote (25 mins + 5 min Q&A) :  “Displaced talents in the tech sector”: what is still lacking in our post-pandemic societies? – Championing Refugees in the Gig Economy

Delivered by Lorraine Charles, Co-Founder – Na’amal Remote for Refugees

Context: The Global Gig Economy is expected to grow to $455 billion in 2023. On a global scale, web & graphic design, programming and IT tech freelance jobs are the most popular with 59% of gig workers, but oversaturation of talent in these fields is bringing down pay rates. A study found that 18% of Human Resources Directors in the UK believe gig workers will make up 75% or more of their workforce over the next five years.

With such market trends, this keynote will talk about the current challenges faced by refugees and displaced talent participating in the tech sector and gig economy for remote work, the emerging trends and opportunities for enabling shared value distribution for equitable solutions to accelerate displaced talent employability.

4:30 pm Keynote (25 mins + 5 mins Q&A): “Refugee Mobility Across International Borders” 

Delivered by Holly Asquith, UK Programme Lead – Talent Beyond Boundaries

Context: Millions of people are displaced globally and in need of safety and protection. But less than 1% of refugees have access to resettlement each year,  leaving millions of people in unstable environments, where they’re unable to use their skills and talents to their full potential.  

This keynote will talk about labour mobility as a complementary pathway providing displaced people with an additional route, beyond resettlement, to secure a durable solution in a third country where international digital corridors being established to accelerate untapped digital skill migration in recognises refugees’ talent as positive contributors to digital society whilst amplifying their rights and need for protection.

5:00 pm Close

During the rest of the Refugee Week

Global Virtual Pitch Stage

During the Refugee Week, Techfugees is organizing a Virtual Pitch Stage. This series aims at showing that societal change IS possible. At a small scale, our Chapters have worked with proven grass-root innovation really facilitating access to services like payment for the unbanked, connectivity access, offline education in refugee settlements… One of our main goal at Techfugees is to support those innovation to scale, to be swarmed and adapted to different local context, in order to face the growing forced displacements happening in the world due to war and climate change.

DAY 2: Tuesday 21st, 1:00pm Theme track: 🩸 Access to Health

DAY 3: Wednesday 22nd, 10:00am Theme track: 📚 Access to Education

DAY 4: Thursday 23rd, 11:30am Theme track: 👩🏽‍💻 Access to Employment

DAY 5: Friday 24th, 2:00pm Theme track: 🪁 Access to Social Inclusion


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