ButterCMS and Surge Show Tech support to Techfugees Global Summit Website

Two awesome SaaS providers ButterCMS and Surge are joining the Techfugees Global Summit as partners providing tech support to the event website.

We’re following a recent trend in web development and using front-end technologies and microservices to create the Techfugees Global Summit 2018 website.

Surge has kindly provided us with a premium level of their static hosting service and signed us up to use their beta Let’s Encrypt automatic SSL provisioning.

That’s a lot of jargon but put simply that makes us super secure and gives you the reassuring the green bar in your browser. Surge makes it easy to publish static sites from the command line simply by typing one command with no need for databases or any server configuration.

ButterCMS is a new microservice SaaS company offering a robust and simple Content Management API. Their service allows us to create all of our content fields and customize them however we like. We can then pull all of that content down in a simple JSON request and display on the static site. They have been super helpful and responsive in answering our questions and we cannot recommend them highly enough.

This has shortened the time to for us to add content, reduces repetitive code and adds dynamic content behind the scenes. Turning what was static HTML into a very simple single page web app.

🚀 Stay tuned for Partners & Global Summit updates 🚀 


🤝 Learn more about our awesome global and event partners!

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