Techfugees x Taqadam to provide remote work in AI to refugees in the Middle-East

A few months ago, Techfugees launched its first Global Challenges, a competition aimed at innovators who run a technological project addressing displaced people’s needs in one of our five priority areas of work (access to rights & information, health, education, employment and social inclusion). We received more than a hundred applications from around the world!

By analyzing compliance with our 8 Guiding Principles, their business models, reported impact on displaced people’s lives, our Jury of experts selected and invited 25 finalists to come and pitch their projects at the Techfugees Global Summit 2018 at Station F on October the 26th.

📼 Have a look at the 25 #TFChallenges18’ finalists video pitches here!

One winner was chosen per category by a Jury of high profile experts, resulting in 5 laureates: Integreat, Shifra, Antura and the Letters, Taqadam and Refugees Are. Techfugees has since then been working very closely with the 5 winning teams and defining how to support their growth over the coming year.


Meet Karina, Wisam & Roy from the Taqadam Team, Winner in the #TFChallenges18 Employment category 🏆

TaQadam optimizes image annotation for data-driven companies with visual AI and delivers on-demand, vertical-specific, high-quality image annotation. With an API and a cloud architecture, TaQadam ensures a simple and secure way to build image data set with high accuracy and precision, while simplifying the process of sourcing human insights from dedicated and trained teams utilizing talents of displaced people and conflict-affected youth.

Provide more refugees and displaced people with remote work in a growth business!

In 2019, Techfugees will team up with Taqadam to gain new and diverse clients across the world. Our common goal is to provide more talented refugees and displaced people with remote jobs in the growing business of AI in the Middle-East.

We will help Taqadam to level up on the tech side by connecting them with experts in the domain of aerial imagery and driverless cars, mapping, GIS and computer vision application.


Have a look at Taqadam’s pitch at the Techfugees Global Summit:


🤝 Are you interested in teaming up with Taqadam and provide talented refugees with remote work in AI?

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