Techfugees in Lisbon for Web Summit this week!

Only a few days after our Techfugees Global Summit (October 25-26) in Paris, the Techfugees team is traveling to Lisbon to participate to the annual Web Summit ✈🇵🇹

Our CEO Josephine Goube will be speaking at the Forum and on stage, accompanied by Mandana Varahrami (Basefugees project lead), Ambre Cerny (Partnerships & Communications Manager), Min Teo (Techfugees London) who will be attending the Web Summit too.

🗓 Tuesday, November 6, 11:30, Startup University > Why you should hire refugees? 

Today, we are witnessing the greatest levels of forced displacement in human history. It is also one of the greatest social challenges: refugees with degrees and valuable skills still face shockingly high levels of underemployment worldwide. Join us to discuss why we urgently need to find better ways to get refugees working.

🗓 Wednesday, November 7, 15:00, Forum Rostra > The refugee response: Empowering the displaced?

With a rise in protectionist policies and far-right politics, how can we successfully integrate refugees into society? Can tech play a part in that integration and assist in empowering the displaced?

Our Founder & Chairman, Mike Butcher, will also be there as Editor-at-Large of TechCrunch and moderating panel discussions on the main stage.

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One thought on “Techfugees in Lisbon for Web Summit this week!

  1. Hey!

    We are running a free bootcamp for youths in Cape Verde (portuguese-speaking) which is on the coast of West Africa and this seems so apt. Hopefully, we will pull it off. It is planned for early 2019.

    How may we be able to work with TechFugees?

    admin [at] bootcampus [org] uk

    The email address below is missing dot uk. Just a way of avoiding web scrapers for junk mailing 🙂

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