Only a few days after our Techfugees Global Summit (October 25-26) in Paris, the Techfugees team is traveling to Lisbon to participate to the annual Web Summit ✈🇵🇹

Our CEO Josephine Goube will be speaking at the Forum and on stage, accompanied by Mandana Varahrami (Basefugees project lead), Ambre Cerny (Partnerships & Communications Manager), Min Teo (Techfugees London) who will be attending the Web Summit too.

🗓 Tuesday, November 6, 11:30, Startup University > Why you should hire refugees? 

Today, we are witnessing the greatest levels of forced displacement in human history. It is also one of the greatest social challenges: refugees with degrees and valuable skills still face shockingly high levels of underemployment worldwide. Join us to discuss why we urgently need to find better ways to get refugees working.

🗓 Wednesday, November 7, 15:00, Forum Rostra > The refugee response: Empowering the displaced?

With a rise in protectionist policies and far-right politics, how can we successfully integrate refugees into society? Can tech play a part in that integration and assist in empowering the displaced?

Our Founder & Chairman, Mike Butcher, will also be there as Editor-at-Large of TechCrunch and moderating panel discussions on the main stage.

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