Techfugees Paris marks World Refugee Day with MakeSense

On June 20, Techfugees France  was invited by Make Sense to take part in a special #MKS Room talk dedicated to projects and solutions being built by communities and associations to help refugees. The session took place during the event that was organised in Hôtel de Ville (Paris) on World Refugee Day.
MKSRoom techfugees
This MKS Room gathered key players such as Singa who have, amongst many other projects, launched CALM for people to welcome refugees in their homes; Bibliothèque sans Frontières who talked about their “Ideas Box” – a portable media center they have set up in numerous refugee camps; Hibat Tabib, who inspired the film “All three of us” and franco-syrian raper Liqid, who talked about his new musical project “Amal” – which means hope in Syrian. Hope, which we all concluded was the reason that brought us all together that evening.