Techfugees Data Hub Live Session #6 – Europe: from Calais to the UK


أكتوبر 16


06:00 م - 07:00 م

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United Kingdom

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Local actors will discuss how accessing information is key to reduce disadvantages displaced persons face in France & the UK.

Regional and local guest speakers will discuss the impact the lack of access to information has on displaced communities and what – tech – solutions/best practices have come out as a result across Calais, the Channel and the UK to mitigate this issue.


Louise Brosset – Techfugees Global Community Coordinator

Matthew Gardiner – Techfugees UK Chapter Volunteer


Hermione Regan – Care4Calais

Sarah Story – Refugee Info Bus

Vanessa Porter – Phone Refugees Credits

About these Live Sessions:

Techfugees launched an open and collaborative platform in March to map out how COVID-19 is affecting refugee & displaced communities across the world. After 6 months, we have decided to go further and not only map the impact the pandemic has on displaced communities.

Because we want the voice of local communities to be heard and widely shared, we’ve decided to organise bi-monthly live geographical update sessions to widely share concerns of locals on how to limit the impact of COVID-19 and other challenges on displaced communities and present potentially replicable existing tech solutions.

About Techfugees Data Hub:

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