🇺🇦 The Techfugees community leaps to the aid of Ukrainian refugees


In the light of the current conflict in Ukraine, Techfugees stands in solidarity with forcibly displaced Ukrainians, due to Russia’s invasion. According to the UNHCR, over one million Ukrainians have become refugees from their homes, fleeing across Ukraine into neighbouring countries in Europe. There is a clear indication that many more people are on the move, in need of protection and support. As the situation continues to unfold, an estimated 4 million people may flee Ukraine in the coming weeks and months. It must be remembered that Ukraine has a population of 44 million.


Harnessing the tech industry to support humanitarian actions:


In order to bring a quick answer to this crisis, Techfugees has launched over 30 action groups for European countries across both Whatsapp and our Slack, and including the US.

We know that members of the technology community are passionate about helping Ukrainian refugees, and their ability to move fast, coordinating ground efforts and getting supplies to Ukrainians fleeing to safety is unique.

Our wide technology community is acting blisteringly fast to create an incredible response to the needs of refugees.

In those groups, volunteers from the local tech community, startup ecosystem, government representatives, associations, nationals and displaced persons are sharing knowledge about safe routes and supplies, as well as technical help and information for displaced people. There is huge amounts of activity around logistics support, exchanging updates about the latest measures put in place by NGOs and Government agencies and sharing the needs of displaced Ukrainian communities through volunteer translators.

In addition, many tech companies – from the largest corporates to the smallest startups – are putting their services and employees’ skills at the service of public platforms and humanitarian organisations.

Techfugees is coordinating efforts with Chili Piper Inc and their US foundation (Citizens of Our Planet – https://www.citizensofourplanet.org/about) with others on a call-to-action to raise funds to support ground operations aligning with the UN and NGOs.

Together with Citizens of Our Planet, Techfugees has put together a document outlining how to get people out of Ukraine, with transportation options within Ukraine to the borders, as well as the procedures for all neighboring countries that receive them, accommodations available etc.


Facilitating tech remote work during exile :


On another front, Techfugees is coordinating efforts with UK and European VCs to pool funds to support displaced persons having access to work as these individuals will need money to support their families during migration in their displacement. This initiative takes its root as we’re working on a Digital Corridor Program between Lebanon and Canada with the support of Western Union Foundation, Talent Beyond Boundaries, Remote and Jobs for Humanity.

  • UK:  A coalition between Techfugees, Tech Nation UK and selects VCs being formed to streamline process for displaced Ukrainians having access to work and we’re set to launch an online platform to support.
  • Europe: We are in current discussion with pan-European VCs in forming a collective.


If you’d like to support our efforts to empower displaced persons with technology, donate here.


🇸🇩 🇦🇫 Don’t forget: today is Ukraine, yesterday was Afghanistan or Sudan.
👪 As war and the climate crisis progresses, tomorrow it could be you. Together, We’re Stronger!.

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