Digital Information Aid initiative by Techfugees

Techfugees has launched a Digital Information Aid initiative to tackle the issues of disinformation, crisis management, and trafficking and exploitation arising from forced humanitarian displacement caused by conflict and climate-induced events. The initiative brings together academic researchers, industry experts, and Techfugees Global Community as a united force to share knowledge and best practices on how responsible technology can make a significant impact in protecting and empowering the inclusion of displaced persons.

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of three outstanding Ambassador leaders as champion advocates and lead co-creators with the Global Community to drive the Digital Information Aid initiative forward.

Angelika SharyginaAngelika Sharygina:  Lead co-creator champion for digital protection against disinformation on displaced communities.

Angelika is a political analyst and researcher with experience in media propaganda, counterinsurgency, and sustainable policy development. She focuses on identifying and analyzing fake news, harmful content, and extremist groups online. Her mission is to help citizens access true information, guided by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. She is currently a visiting researcher at Trinity College Dublin, working on her PhD on the consequences of misinformation in conflict and war. She holds a Master’s degree in International Relations from King’s College London and was commissioned by Reuters Foundation to produce a report on media consumption and perceptions in Ukraine. Angelika advocates for equal rights for refugees and participates in the UK Youth Leadership Advisory Board with Digital Opportunity Trust.

Jhannon FanusJhannon Fanus: Lead co-creator champion for strengthening humanitarian needs & offers coordination, including safe wayfinding for displaced persons.

Jhannon is a tech entrepreneur who has been working across Cryptocurrency and gaming sectors for the last ten years. He has founded over eight startups throughout his career and is an influential thought leader within the community. He is also active within the music industry producing and working with family and friends on Alternative Hip-hop, Reggae, and R & B. Jhannon is a founder & CEO of Dropalo (  – the new platform for social networking, enabling hyperlocal geolocation and messaging supporting humanitarian crisis management of needs & offers and safe wayfinding for the displaced.

Alisa VysokayaAlisa Vysokaya: Lead co-creator champion for trafficking and exploitation to protect displaced persons.

Alisa is a social entrepreneur experienced in recruitment, business development, and operation management. She is a dedicated volunteer with Safe Refuge, an organization safeguarding women from trafficking with responsible mobile tech and supporting those vulnerable and forcibly displaced in need. As a successful tech entrepreneur, Alisa is also the founder of Business to Developers, a company specializing in connecting businesses with developers to accelerate growth. With her strong background in business and social causes, Alisa is a dedicated leader committed to positively impacting the world and making a difference in displaced lives.

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