Announcing Techfugees Global Pitch Stage for Refugee Week


To kickstart the Refugee Week, on Monday 20th, Techfugees is launching a
Virtual Pitch Stage. This series aims at showing that societal change IS possible. At a small scale, our Chapters have worked with proven grass-root innovation really facilitating access to services like payment for the unbanked, connectivity access, offline education in refugee settlements… One of our main goal at Techfugees is to support those innovation to scale, to be swarmed and adapted to different local context, in order to face the growing forced displacements happening in the world due to war and climate change.


Natakallam Pitch – Global Summit 2017


Only proven solutions, already available on the market (no idea nor MVP will be accepted) and respecting our 8 guiding principles will get the chance to pitch over the course of the Refugee Week on Techfugees Facebook Page (17k 👍).

👉 Here are the criteria to apply: 

  • You a registered social legal entity (ex.: association, social enterprise, etc.) looking for recognition ; 
  • You’ve developed tech product or digital service facilitating forcibly displaced persons’ access to opportunities and rights; 
  • Your project fall into one of Techfugees 5 priority areas of actions:
    • Access to information (connectivity, access to rights, translation, identity, security…)
    • Access to health (medical record, hygiene & sanitation, access to care, mental health, PTS treatment…)
    • Access to education (offline education, diploma recognition, remote education, digital skills…)
    • Access to employment (financial inclusion, remote work, e-commerce, labor mobility…)
    • Social inclusion (accommodation, legal service, social connections, service mapping, language learning, family reunifications…)


🏆 What will you get?

  • Free tickets to attend Techfugees Global Festival 2022 (Automn/Winter 2022); 
  • Access to onsite or virtual stage to pitch your project and get recorded in London;
  • Networking with Techfugees international community of  innovators ; 
  • Volunteer or pro-bono from our network of Chapters and partners worldwide;
  • Tech perks to help you accelerate your tech project according to your need (AWS, Google…); 


Needslist pitch – Global Summit 2017


Through this Virtual Pitch Stage, we are also delighted to officially announce our next Techfugees Global Festival in London in Automun/Winter 2022. Yes, you read it well, it’s a festival ! Because we want to celebrate 🎉  achievements, talents, bravery, and resilience from our international collective of volunteer community, but also reflect on what technology changed in forced migration context in the past 6 years. 

During that Festival, we’ll invite some of the most impactful responsible tech projects from the Virtual Pitch Stage to pitch on a physical stage in London in front of social investors, entrepreneurs, humanitarians, engineers, designers and researchers from our international collective. Rings a bell ? Yes, that’s almost what we’ve done in 2018 during our last Global Summit (see the recorded pitch here). But this time, it won’t be a competition. We have no time to compete, we need to work together to address challenges caused by forced migration and social injustice.



Your moment has arrived!
If you’d like to present your project on Techfugees Live Stage …



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