👣 What it is like to volunteer with Techfugees … Abdullah’s experience in Lebanon !


ABDULLAH TAWEEL, Volunteer with Techfugees Lebanon, Tripoli



👉🏼 Could you please introduce yourself? 


Hi ! I am a computer science graduate who is passionate about web development and programming, also I had many years of volunteering activities among the Syrian refugees camps in Lebanon.
It all started after I sent a “Hello” email to the main branch of Techfugees which led to a two hours phone call with Harout, the Chapter Lead of Techfugees in Lebanon (the person who became my fellow later). I was looking for any empowering opportunities for me as a Syrian refugee living in Lebanon for several years, but sadly … There was a lack of such things. With Techfugees and this phone call, I found a sparkle of hope to at least start doing something toward changing the situation in Lebanon by cooperating with the uprising community around the world. So I simply joined the Lebanese branch of Techfugees, as a volunteer.


👉🏼 What were you doing concretely?


As refugees with technical backgrounds, we face several barriers regarding our professional career to its full potential. The major one is being forbidden by law to participate in the job market in this field in Lebanon, also the limitation of supporting resources like training workshops, funds and networking. 

In Techfugees we aim to provide guidance to those who need to seek E-learning or remote works, where we achieved several meetings with refugees across Lebanon to establish a tech community that shares knowledge and experience and expands steadily. This need was identified following a field research, realised by our team last year, including skills mapping and surveys about remote work opportunities in Bekaa Valley. 


Abdullah and Muzna, Techfugees Lebanon @Startup Weekend


I have also represented Techfugees in a refugees’ startups competition in Beirut with Startup Weekend in 2019, there where I had the chance to justify our mission to the crowd and open the door for compassionate persons to become members.


Startup Weekend Startup Competition – Refugees Edition, Beirut 2019


We are now stepping patiently to organise intensive meetings (from mid-April we hope) with refugees who are willing to collaborate technological skills, and to launch a road map website to lead them along their journey.

👉🏼 What did it bring to you ?


These events have armed me with the trust and boldness I needed to believe in my ability to serve my people and ease the way to my fellow refugees who are looking forward to technological achievements.


👉🏼 A message to the ones who hesitate to become volunteers?


I am full of hope that our growth as a minor community in Lebanon, and as a major community around the world will meet our goal to someday we could provide our full support to those who need it in order to pursue success.  You can take part in it. So don’t hesitate.


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