🇬🇷 Techfugees Data Hub Live Session #9 – Connectivity in Greece


March 3


03:00 pm - 04:15 pm

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Data Hub, Greece



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About this Event

Regional and local guest speakers (mainly from the Aegon Islands) will discuss local challenges faced by displaced communities and what – tech – solutions/best practices have come out as a result across Greece.


Rebeccah Wilcockson – Techfugees Data Hub Greece Lead (Elpida Home)

Matthew Gardiner – Techfugees UK Chapter Volunteer


Action for Education

Moh Hamdan is an asylum seeker from Syria, currently working as Project Coordinator of a brand-new computer lab on the island of Chios. Moh launched the project with Action for Education in late 2020, developing his own digital literacy curriculum for asylum seekers and refugees. He built on his prior experience in Syria where he worked on several journalism projects, recording and reporting on the siege of Damascus and the events of the War. He aspires to formalize this experience in the future by completing a degree in data science, to use his skills to continue to support others.


Telecom Without Border

Agnes Minster is an international program manager at Telecom Sans Frontières, an organisation founded in 1998 as the world’s first NGO focusing on emergency-response technologies. TSF teams uses digital technologies, to respond to different type of crises and to populations communication needs.


AI for Good

Alice Piterova has over 10 years of experience in business development and product management, digital marketing and communications, research and policy, sales strategy and account management, and a particular focus on such fields as artificial intelligence, innovation and digital transformation, big data and tech for good. Having worked in national and international public and private sector organisations, social enterprises and NGOs, Alice brings a proven track record in delivering growth and showcasing impact, as well as engaging with a wide range of stakeholders. Throughout her career, Alice was constantly involved with nonprofits and social impact work. As such, she assisted the resettlement of ex-Guantanamo detainees into third-party countries and supported the development of the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER)’s impact journey and was part of the founding team of Techfugees.


About these Live Sessions:

Techfugees places the voice of the displaced persons at the heart of everything its global community does. The Live Sessions are a series of online public focus groups providing a real-stage for displaced persons to share insights on regional and local challenges and explore how innovative digital technology solutions are currently tackling those challenges. Prior Live Sessions recordings are available on Techfugees youtube channel.

About Techfugees Data Hub:

Techfugees is a global volunteer-led community of humanitarians, technologists, innovators, digital creators and research organisations, including displaced persons.

In March 2020, the global community aggregated open data to launch Data Hub, providing insights and a heatmap of the impact of Covid-19 on vulnerable displaced communities and sourcing existing digital solutions ready for implementation. Since September, the scope of research has been broadened to include other non-health related challenges faced by displaced persons

To learn more about Techfugees Data Hub & join us

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