🌐 World Refugee Day – #TechDownBorders


June 21


03:00 pm - 05:00 pm

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Basefugees, France, Kenya, Lebanon, Nigeria, Uganda



Email: hello@techfugees.com Website: Organizer's Website


In celebration of World Refugee day, Techfugees is hosting an online webinar to support launch of a global crowdfunding #TechDownBorders campaign to present Basefugees; an open showcase of responsible digital innovations curated with and for displaced persons.

The two-hour session will highlight Techfugees international community representatives from Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Lebanon and France showcasing local catalyst responsible initiatives curated collectively with partners, innovators and supporters with refugees and marginalised displaced communities.

👉  Webinar registration : https://bit.ly/34JnSji

Within the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Techfugees Guiding Principles guide the international digital tech collective working with displaced persons towards a shared common goal: harnessing innovative technology to empower displaced inclusion with responsible digital innovations, for and with displaced persons to access information, education, health, work and social inclusion whilst elevating marginalised displaced voices to promote their human rights.

#TechDownBorders harnesses technology to overcome physical borders, serving as an extremely powerful tool because:

  • It scales, so that solutions we help to develop and deploy may always be replicated and have impact on a much wider scale
  • It is disruptives in challenging the status quo; enabling collective intelligence, international cross-sector collaboration and resource knowledge share;
  • It is able to democratize, breaking down barriers to provide equitable access for refugees to requiring basic needs and service.
  • It enables refugees to apply grass-roots entrepreneurship to bootstrap frugal innovation to help themselves to answer their needs

Every 4 seconds, 1 person is displaced and proliferating. 80 million people (roughly 1% percent of humanity) have been displaced because of climate change, war, conflict, economic challenges and persecution. This figure is expected to grow to more than 1 billion displaced people by 2050.

The time is NOW to realise the untapped scaling potential of those responsible innovations, for and by refugees that make a difference to marginalised displaced lives and present opportunity to elevate their unheard, unseen voice to the forefront to promote their human rights.

Join us to #TechdownBorders


👉  Webinar registration : https://bit.ly/34JnSji
👉  Crowdfunding campaign : https://bit.ly/techdownborders
👉  When : Monday June 21st, 3pm CET / 2pm BST


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