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After more than three years of growth thanks to our dedicated community of volunteers across the world, we would like to highlight some of their stories and projects.
Thank you to the ones who agree to share their experience with our readers 🎙And thank you to everyone that is involved in Techfugees!

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Techfugees (TF): Could you please introduce yourself to our readers? 

I am Leen. I’m the founder of ATI, an innovative tourism agency around the discovery of the city of Paris by its architecture, using the technology of virtual reality.

TF: How did you hear about Techfugees? 
I was selected as a fellow to take part in Techfugees’ first fellowship programme for women refugees in Paris last year.

TF: How have you been engaging with the Techfugees community so far? Which event did you attend or which programme did you get involved with?

Through this programme, Techfugees has helped me a lot to get to know the world of the technology in France, to know the main actors and even meet with some of them (see the picture below with Xavier Niel, founder of Station F and many more tech businesses 🤩). I got, thanks to them, to present my project in very important events like Le Lab Postal, Vivatech, and The Techfugees Global Summit last October at Station F.

TF: What did (or does) it change in your life or how does it change it? 
As networking is a very important factor to develop and improve any new start-up, Techfugees give me this access to grow my network so I can get more help to reach my business goals. I also joined the Station F’ Fighters Program earlier this month.

TF: How can our readers help you? What are you looking for now that you would like to share with the Techfugees community?

For now, I am looking for funding 💸

TF: An advice to share with someone who is considering to take part in the Techfugees community?
These guys are the best! Do not hesitate and just join them, they will consider you as a part of their family and will help you whenever you needed help.


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