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Techfugees is an international decentralised community organised in local teams of volunteers called "Chapters".

Each plays an essential part of the achievement of Techfugees’ global mission via creating impact locally.  They are the eyes, ears and hands of Techfugees on the ground. They aim at: 

  • Building bridges between tech / entrepreneur / humanitarian and academic ecosystems around the topic of displaced humans;

  • Creating the conditions – content & network – to enable the development of #tech4refugees projects

  • Sensitising and educating on how to make ethical & longterm #tech4refugees;

  • Representing Techfugees regionally while coordinating the sharing of knowledge & best practices with other chapters internationally.  
These missions are done through a various range of activities and programs (Hackathons, meetups, conferences, working groups, research, field surveys, tool creation...). For more information about coming events check out our calendar below.

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