The slow death of George Floyd in the United States along with the incident at Central Park between Amy Cooper and Christian Cooper are the two sides of the same coin: they remind us that institutionalized anti-black racism and xenophobia remain deeply embedded in modern societies in 2020.

Techfugees exists to empower displaced people with technology. Our vision is one where displaced people are welcomed into host communities, treated with respect and dignity and empowered to thrive. As such, we stand in solidarity with the fight for social justice that the Black Lives Matter movement represents.

Each day, we continue to be outraged about the news of migrants sold as slaves and tortured in Libyan jails; displaced persons pushed back in the Mediterranean sea at gunpoint or kept in extended lockdown in Greek Camps while tourists are called to come back; separated migrant families from Latin America contracting coronavirus in crowded US immigration detention centers; the killing of an autistic Palestinian by Israeli police on suspicion of carrying a weapon which he had not; crackdowns made on Rohingya communities living in Malaysia during lockdown; criminalisation of volunteers supporting asylum seekers in Australia, France and Italy; and any continued violent response by State sponsored authorities against displaced minorities looking for only one thing: safety from persecution.

Through our daily work, we see that black refugees face systemic obstacles and unfair disadvantages around the world. Anti-black racism constitutes a violation of human rights.

At Techfugees, we are committed to building a world where everybody has access to education, economic opportunities, healthcare and reliable information.

Black Lives Matter. Period.
This statement was produced with the contributions from all Techfugees Chapters.