World Humanitarian Design Summit – Design for Peace, 13th December, London

Meet the Techfugees team at the DESIGN FOR PEACE SUMMIT, a knowledge-intensive networking event, aimed at bringing together the world’s most prominent humanitarian, social innovators, entrepreneurs, design pioneers and global makers.

The DESIGN FOR PEACE SUMMIT’s goal is to fundamentally rethink how Design, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship can become powerful tools in changing the world for the better, by ending the suffering of the 65 million of women, men and children affected by armed conflicts and environmental disasters.

The DESIGN FOR PEACE SUMMIT will feature a series of key-note presentations interspersed with panel discussions, framed around 4 distinct themes:

  • Design Innovation

  • Well-Being

  • Digital Education

  • Social Entrepreneurship

4 thoughts on “World Humanitarian Design Summit – Design for Peace, 13th December, London

  1. Hi there, I’m Aakif, Humanitarian MIS Specialist from Save the Children (Somalia/Somaliland Country Office). I’d like to attend the Humanitarian Design Summit, during the time I’ll be in London. Could you please guide me with the registration, fee (if any) and location of the event?

  2. Good afternoon,

    My name is Leticia Galdon, I am a social entrepreneur working on how to bring Artificial Intelligence solutions to humanitarian aid relief challenges. I was wondering if there are any spaces left to participate in the World Humanitarian Design Summit.

    Thanks for your time,


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