Techfugees @Lush Summit in London-UK !


Techfugees is delighted to be invited at the Lush Summit 2018 in London on 14th and 15h February to talk tech and ethics!

Techfugees HQ Volunteer and member of the Techfugees London Chapter, Alice Piterova will present Techfugees vision and activities with refugees and techies over 25 countries over the last two years. She’s proud to share the floor with many inspirational guests like Mara Keisling, Chris Packham or Satish Kumar, and a very special guest for which Alice recorded a video interview of. We will keep it secret until the day comes so if you want to know who that is … either:

Tune on the live of the summit on Lush player or come meet Techfugees on the Migration and Disaster Space :

Step into a haven of empathy and humanity. In the Migration and Disaster Space explore and meet groups and projects that are actively changing the lives of those who have experienced great difficulties through migration and disaster.

We are too often exposed to negative media surrounding these topics, and this can lead to desensitization and disconnection. We are all humans who share one planet. Let’s switch the focus and celebrate the positive work of the people and groups who are making change every day. Walk away knowing you too can contribute by inspiring others to refocus their mentality.

To follow the event on live on the Lush player !

More informations about the Lush Summit here.





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