Techfugees Innovators Visit Paris Refugee Centres

Techfugees HQ is bringing a small group of selected tech innovators and social entrepreneurs that worked on Techfugees challenges and won our hackathons to France for a field-research trip to the three main refugee centres in Northern Paris managed by Emmaus Solidarité.

The purpose of the visit is to collect information on the way local authorities and non-profits welcome and resettle asylum seekers, refugees and migrants and ideate how technology could be used to support and improve the process.

If you are interested in participating: please email us at with the title “Visite Centres Emmaus 22 Juillet” and in the body please specify: your contact details (name, phone number, organisation/project name, URL) with a clear statement of your motives and your expectations for how the visit can help your project or your impact work.

One thought on “Techfugees Innovators Visit Paris Refugee Centres

  1. Hi i recently volunteered at the Porte de la Chapelle camp in Paris with the other association helping there (Utopia 56) so sorry to have missed this visit, i was there the week before.

    In my day job i work for the Building Change Trust designing and managing various third sector programmes in Northern Ireland, including one called Techies in Residence which places tech professionals within third sector orgs to develop new solutions to social challenges. Whilst the programme is limited to NI, i’d be more than happy to explore if there’s any way i could use my experience to help as i’d be keen to stay connected to the camp in Paris somehow. I’m not a techie – my knowlegde would be more around how to stimulate collaborations between tech sector and third sector for social impact

    One thing i suggested to Utopia while i was there to help with their food collection/distribution work was working with local supermarkets to adopt FoodCloud or a similar tech solution

    Anyhow if any of this sounds of use/interest let me know. (i speak some french)

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