Techfugees appoints new Head of Global Community

Welcome Olesya Matveychuk

Techfugees is delighted to announce the appointment of Olesya Matveychuk as Head of Global Community to guide-connect-grow the  Techfugees international community in accelerating development, engagement and global knowledge share of best practice implementation of local grass-roots programs driven by the community empowering inclusion of displaced persons with responsible tech.

Displaced since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Olesya built a tech community in Ukraine following a successful career from being a graphic designer to CEO of HUB 4.0 in leading a team investing in the development of a national IT and innovation clusters. Under Olesya’s leadership, the very first Gallery of Innovations in Ukraine was created together with a community of more than 12,000 members whilst orchestrating local and international tech hackathons including organisations for digital business meetups within the tech/IT sector, multiple stakeholders and more.

With a background as a journalist, political campaigner and a marketing strategist, Olesya has experience depth in creating solutions by thinking outside the box. In addition, during her life she was fortunate to visit 30+ countries that is enabled her to understand cultural features, and develop communication skills across many different communities

Serving Techfugees mission to scale international efforts, Olesya has a key role to champion the Techfugees Global Community whilst assisting the strategy for the community to accelerate innovations-inclusion-insights initiative and showcase of responsible humanitarian tech solutions for displaced persons to have equitable access to information, education, health, work and integration in the digital society.

Olesya stands #WithRefugees around the world and is committed to contribute to Techfugees mission to empower forcibly displaced persons with responsible tech developed for and with them, whilst advocating call-to-actions to support international programmes serving to advance the rights of forcibly displaced persons in the digital society.