Techfugees Team Meeting

Techfugees HQ

Mike Butcher@mikebutcher
Josephine Goube@josephinegoube
Petra Johansson@PetraJohansson

Local Chapters
Alice Piterova@ImpactAlice
Lema Zekrya@zekryal
Roberta Lifonso@robertalifonso
Adil Gherib@adil_gherib

Events & Social Media
Tom Hayton@tomhayton
Lewis Jones – @LMJ_112
Matthew Gardiner – @matwg
Adrien Lecuyer – @adriL09
Sue Keogh@sookio

Min Teo@_MinTeo
Anne Sophie Do@annesophiedo
Paul Canty@PaulCanty
Tara Mikhael@TaraMikhael
Gila Norich@Gnorich

IT Support
Josh Russell@joshr
Sophie Newman-Sanders@SophieLNS

Data & Experts
Edward Saperia@edsaperia
Richard Dent@richarddent – Data Privacy & Security
Julia Citron – @fraulemon – Education

Joanna Ayre@JoannaPhy
Rassami hok Ljungberg@rassami


Andlib Shah@Andlibshah
Monica GrecoLinkedin Monica Greco

Annie Parker@annie_parker

Previous Team members:
Frank Meehan@frank_meehan
Monique Lunt@MoniqueMLunt
Robbie Howshall@robbiehowshall
Edward Woodcock@IAmFledge

Advisory Board:
Toby Stone@theonlytoby
Marco Zappalorto@MarcoZapp

Want to get involved with the team and volunteer your time on one of the above segment? Get in touch with us here.

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