In 2015, 65.3 million individuals were forcibly displaced worldwide as a result of conflict, generalised violence, or human rights violations. Two french students are on a mission to discover new kinds of scalable solutions to help solve the issue of migrant integration.

Written by Louise Brosset and Fanny Belhomme

Louise & Fanny of the Black Sheep project

The European Context

Migratory flux is one of the main stakes of the 21st century. Today with the current European refugee crisis, the whole society is directly confronted with this phenomenon. Since 2011, more than one million people crossed the Mediterranean Sea to join the Old Continent. Europe is struggling to cope with this specific immigration wave, partly coming from Syria and its neighbours, at great speed and with huge volumes. Integration of these people (refugees, Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) and more globally ”forced migrants ”) into our society has become a major challenge. Though many a citizens’ initiative have been created to improve the situation and make integration easier, the quality of hospitality in occidental societies has often been criticized.

The Project

We are two students who plan to go and meet these men and women who mobilise themselves every day for migrants’ integration over the world.

The crisis we witness today in Europe and especially in France pushed us to study forced population displacement whatever the cause is (political, economic, or climatic) and solutions for their integration. These displacements are either internal (from one region to another) or across international borders.

Our project Black Sheep aims to map French innovative projects to identify their current problems and, as a second step, meeting and comparing projects for migrants’ integration abroad with different problematics depending on the country we are going to (natural disaster, rural exodus, political exile, etc.). And, finally to design a structure to replicate these models and ideas and adapt them to the French situation regionally.

The Means

We will start with a look at the latest developments in France and then meet French associations and migrants who have received help, so as to eventually draft a participative evaluation grid of these initiatives. On that basis, we will begin a one-year-long initiatory trip from October 2016 across Asia – a continent which already had to stem forced migration flux from various origins – to discover new kinds of solutions and entrepreneurial projects for migrant’s integration. We are certain that part of these initiatives and new business models are duplicable even though each solution is highly contextual. We want to see if that is relevant, and if so, do it back in France.

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