#TFBlog: A reality check from Jordan

Our CEO, Joséphine Goube, returns to the camps around Amman to see for herself the daily reality of refugees living… Read More

15 Apr 2019

Posted by Josephine Goube

#TFBlog: Why we still hack

Join Joséphine Goube, our CEO, as she looks back over our third impact assessment and explains why hackathons are still… Read More

16 Jan 2019

Posted by Josephine Goube

#TFBlog: Lessons learned from a turbulent year in tech

Joséphine Goube, our CEO, reflects on a year of big challenges for the digital community, and our work making sure… Read More

27 Dec 2018

Posted by Josephine Goube

#TFBlog: Recapping our second Global Summit

Catch up with our CEO, Joséphine Goube, and get her thoughts on how it felt to welcome so many new… Read More

10 Nov 2018

Posted by Josephine Goube

#TFBlog: Learn to tell inspiring stories at the Techfugees Global Summit

In this guest blog, hear from Rory Stobo, one of our network of partners who’ll be joining us at our… Read More

21 Sep 2018

Posted by Josephine Goube

#TFBlog: Talking urgency to industry

Follow our CEO, Joséphine Goube, as she returns to Norway to catch up with old allies and present to her… Read More

07 Sep 2018

Posted by Josephine Goube

#TFBlog: Coming home to Station F

Catch up with Techfugees’ CEO, Joséphine Goube, and learn more about how Techfugees is relocating to the biggest startup campus… Read More

08 Aug 2018

Posted by Josephine Goube

#TFBlog: Speaking truth to power on data security

The past fortnight has seen our CEO, Joséphine Goube, back in the States finding out how tech giants plan to… Read More

18 Jul 2018

Posted by Josephine Goube

#TFBlog: A new golden age for data ethics?

Recent weeks have seen intense scrutiny on how tech companies use our data. We caught up with our CEO, Joséphine… Read More

25 May 2018

Posted by Josephine Goube

Recapping our Berlin Hackathon with ReDI School and the NRC

The weekend of 20-22nd April saw Techfugees supporting ReDI school as they hosted a humanitarian hackathon for the Norwegian Refugee… Read More

04 May 2018

Posted by Sookio Team

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