Are you passionate about technology and its role in improving the lives of refugees across the world? Techfugees Core Team needs you. We are looking for a new Head of Chapters to replace our current volunteer, Tara, with a part-time position.

Following the launch of Techfugees in London in September 2015, Techfugees has gained a lot of interest from tech communities & non-profit organisations across the world, all the way from the US to Lebanon and Australia.

Under the same mission and working for the same goals, our chapters are growing bigger every month, and our network comprises of more than 25 countries and over 15,000 members. Providing chapters with autonomy over their projects and events is at the essence of what we do. We believe that in order to address the right challenges and drive tangible impact, we have to tap into the right local tech communities and organisations.

During the past 10 months and across all our chapters, we have run hackathons, conferences and workshops, out of which various tech projects addressing the refugee crisis have been born. The expansion of Techfugees worldwide has been very exciting and overwhelming. The energy and the commitment we have seen from our volunteers across all the chapters have made us realise the importance of having an active and frequent communication with them, thereby providing them with all the support, mentorship, and skills needed to better lead the growth of this movement locally.

As we are all volunteers working on this initiative alongside our own jobs; today, we are looking for someone to replace Tara Mikhael as a Head of Chapters for Techfugees.

Techfugees Team Meeting
Techfugees Team Meeting

This role requires a high level of communication with the organising teams of the different chapters, making sure they understand their scope of work, abide by the common requirements and obligations for all our chapters, and get comprehensive and clear answers for all their questions addressed to the HQ.

Currently, the team is formed of two people, Alice and Tara. Tara will remain part of the team and help educate and support the efforts of the new Head of Chapters.

The role is temporarily a part-time volunteer position but will turn into a part-time paid position with the potential to grow into a full-time position as we complete our fundraising round. Needless to say, you will actively participate in the fundraising efforts!

Below is the position description in addition to the general person specification.

Position Description:

  • Uphold Techfugees’ core values and demonstrate drive to help fulfil our mission.
  • Act in accordance with the aims and objectives of Techfugees.
  • Arrange and hold regular calls and meetings with local chapters.
  • Review and follow up on chapters’ events.
  • Work with chapters’ organising teams to develop and improve effective processes, e.g. chapters’ welcome pack, sponsorship guide, events’ planning, etc.
  • Ensure information and data shared with chapters is accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive, and it enables them to work towards independence where possible.
  • Ensure all the information related to local events, hackathons and partnerships, is appropriately collected by each chapter
  • Report on chapters’ updates to Techfugees HQ on a weekly basis.
  • Attend general meetings held by Techfugees HQ.

Person Specification:

  • Knowledge of and commitment to the current issue around technology and the refugee crisis.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing, including the ability to prepare reports and presentations.
  • Track record of engaging effectively with others at both senior and non-senior level, and building productive partnerships with key stakeholders in different sectors.
  • Excellent organisational skills and the ability to work within a team.

If you feel that you are suitable for this role, please apply now by sending your CV and cover letter to